39 year old Jacob Rogers from Smyrna, Georgia, a victim in a hit and run case, had no hope of the suspect being brought to book when he was struck by a silver Volkswagen while on his bicycle. In an interview at the accident site, Rogers told WXIA-TV that he stopped at an intersection on his way to work to check for oncoming traffic and proceeded with caution. However, the cyclist was caught by surprise as he proceeded from the intersection and was hit by a lady driver in a silver Volkswagen. The driver allegedly forced her way through, brushed him aside and drove on.

An Unhappy Person

Rogers wasn’t seriously hurt but still experiences pain in his left foot, which was on the pedal when struck by the car. The part of the pedal that broke off could not be found. A witness promptly called the Smyrna Police Department. A report at the accident scene was filed by an officer who also told Rogers that a detective would be assigned to the case within a day or two. However, Rogers wasn’t in the mood to wait after being treated shabbily by the lady driver and was convinced that this was a hit and run case.

On a Mission

The 39 year old cyclist revisited the scene of the accident the next day least expecting to find the suspect. He went to the apartment complex from where the car pulled out of in search of a silver Volkswagen. On finding one, Rogers walked around the front to check if it was damaged and to his surprise found the piece of his bike pedal well entrenched in the grill of the Volkswagen.

A police officer residing in the apartment complex traced the address of the owner from the car’s license plate, after which 20 year old Pablynee Silva was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor hit and run. According to Officer Chris Graeff, this is among the rarest of rare incidents where Mr. Rogers played an integral role in solving the crime.

According to the incident report, Silva admitted to hitting a cyclist on being questioned by the police and stated that she too frightened to stop. Rogers and some criminal defense lawyers agree that had Silva stopped the circumstances would have been different and the consequences avoided. Officer Graeff stated that the duty of the law enforcement was to encourage the public to let the police do their job.

Silva obviously does not care for other people. She hit someone on the bike and chose to act like a child and get away with it. Now the circumstances have changed. She should have just pulled over and helped out Rogers rather than trying to commit a crime and get away with it. This is the most pathetic act someone could commit. Silva did not plan on being a criminal that day but she certainly turned into one. You are taught as a child to own up to your mistakes but perhaps Silva skipped this lesson plan. She certainly should have been taught this lesson watching any number of TV shows.

Pablynee Silva is a lazy and pathetic criminal. She did not even cover her tracks. She was caught by the victim who carried out his own investigation. Good riddance to her. She is a proven loser and a horrendous driver.

The future for Silva is in doubt. She is now infamous in her community and perhaps any decent employer will know about this terrible mistake she made. She can be forgiven though but she will have to cope with punishment first.

Silva is Terrible Human Being

Allowing them to investigate and solve crimes will prevent anyone from harm. However, the officer was happy that things worked out fine in this case. Rogers hopes that Silva’s criminal defense lawyers would be able to lessen her punishment where she won’t have to serve time in jail. Some people Rogers may have hit his head in this collision if he truly believes that. Incidentally, a misdemeanor hit and run attracts a fine of $1,000 and a jail term of up to a year. Statistics indicate that around half of serious car-bike collisions are hit and run cases where drivers often get away with light penalties.