Criminal convictions have the power to steal dreams and futures. These kinds of charges can take a physical, emotional, and mental toll on those who face them, sometimes making them question whether there is a way out. Although difficult, these circumstances are not entirely unsolvable. The best way to confront them is to reach out to a diligent and expedient criminal defense attorney in Traverse City, Michigan. Having expert representation when it comes to these urgent and life-changing matters, can make all the difference in the world. It can determine whether you get to keep on experiencing a normal and joyous life, or one tied to and shackled by a criminal record.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Assist You?

A criminal defense attorney is there to guide and represent clients who are handed down a criminal charge or conviction. According to LawyerEDU, a criminal lawyer’s primary role is to “represent their defendant in the criminal court system. This encompasses arraignments, pretrial hearings, settlement conferences, trials, and sentence hearings.” To prepare a strong and credible case, a criminal defense attorney will have to spend a great deal of time gathering crucial evidence to support their client’s case. This evidence could be in the form of police reports, testimonies, photographic evidence, etc. Although depending on the scale of the case, the process can be a herculean task, criminal defense attorneys are known to summon the aid of legal experts such as “paralegals, private investigators, litigation consultants and others” to help construct a compelling and unwavering case.

The Mission of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Michigan

For those facing criminal convictions and hoping for a shot at having wrongful charges dismissed, consulting a skilled criminal defense attorney in Traverse City, Michigan as soon as possible is a must. Choosing expert counsel will determine whether the attorney representing you will be able to “police the police” and in some cases, “… determine if there has been unconstitutional search, a coerced confession, an unlawfully suggested lineup, or the fabrication of testimony.” This according to the National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers is just one of the various responsibilities a criminal defense attorney must uphold to defend their client in the most effective way possible.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Traverse, Michigan

If you or someone you know is facing a criminal charge, due to an accident, DUI, medical malpractice lawsuit, etc., we highly recommend reaching out to an expert criminal defense attorney who is prepared to exhaust all possibilities to give their client a fair shot in court. For more information about the services offered at Neumann Law Group, and how a criminal defense attorney can assist you in your time of need, contact us today at (231) 221-0050.

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