For a long time the world knew Christian radio host john Balyo as an exemplary man. Balyo was a married family man, he was also a wedding photographer and a volunteer with the Sherriff’s department in Kent County. Flying beneath the radar, Balyo also masqueraded as a camp counselor and an overseas mission volunteer who worked with children. All in all, he was a good man.

But few knew his actual secrets. The man, as many now know, was a wolf covered in sheep’s clothing. Balyo is a sadist who has an unhealthy fascination with children, and his job gave him the perfect ruse to do as he pleased with those under his care.

Not only this, the pedophile had a huge collection of materials and a child-sized mannequin he used to rehearse sexual kidnapping fantasies with. And most importantly, he had umpteen number of sexual encounters with young boys in secret hotel rooms where he used them to play out his sexual bondage fantasies.

40 years is well deserved say community members

Despite the best efforts of Balyo’s criminal defense attorneys, the judge in the Grand Rapids court handed him a strict 40 year long prison sentence ensuring that the accused spends all his best years in jail and does not come out until he is an old man. Many people are wondering why even keep him alive; why even waste tax payer’s dollars on him?

The atmosphere in the Grand Rapids courtroom was emotionally charged as the sentence was read out and the decision to hand out a harsh sentence was highly appreciated given Balyo’s past record. The man already has a sentence which he received last month in Calhoun County for molestation of a minor.

Judge asks accused to change himself in prison

Judge Robert Holmes Bell, who was in charge of the criminal trial said that he was experiencing a lot of trouble trying to reconcile with the fact that the man in the orange jumpsuit standing before him was someone who had a reputation as a Christian man with strong morals and values, and yet he was also the same person who had been accused of the obscene crimes that he had obviously committed.

The Judge has ordered for Balyo to serve two consecutive terms―a 25 year sentence for sexual exploitation of a minor, and then a 15 year sentence for possession of child pornographic material. The Judge also asked Balyo to write to him often and tell him about the books he had been reading and the activities he had been indulging in to help himself and others in the jail. Judge Bells asked Balyo to make the most of his life in the prison given that he could no longer lay claim to the life he had in the outside world.

Accused was an expectant father

Balyo’s personal life has gone into shambles after the news of his hidden escapades became public. His wife of seven months decided to divorce him―a decision that was finalized weeks ago―and his criminal defense attorneys say that all his assets will be used to fend for his yet unborn child who is due in February next year while he is in prison.