Search of Punta Gorda home for drugs results in arrests

Punta Gorda, FL – Once law enforcement has sufficient evidence that a person or group of people is in possession of or distributing drugs, they can try to get a warrant to search an area where they will likely find the illegal substances. This is commonly done at the suspect’s residence or other place where police see the person selling or using drugs. After an arrest, the person has the right to speak to an attorney and try to build a defense case.

According to NBC 2, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant that led to the discovery of drugs and multiple arrests [1]. 

Three arrested after multiple types of drugs were found throughout home

The narcotics unit utilized a swat team and air support to conduct a raid of a home in the Burnt Store Village neighborhood. Various types of drugs and paraphernalia were found both inside the main rooms of the residence and in an area in the garage that was being used as a bedroom. Two female suspects were located inside the house, and one male was using the garage bedroom. All three were arrested. 

The drugs included heroin, oxycontin, fentanyl, marijuana, and there were various pipes that contained drug residue. There was also a straw and measuring cup containing fentanyl that was confiscated during the search. Charges filed against the three individuals included possession and manufacturing of the drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. Pictures released by the local police included various small bags containing narcotics that had been gathered for evidence. 

The pervasive nature of drugs and drug arrests in Florida

Florida is a known international destination for the drug trade due to its proximity to many other countries. This means that both the state and federal government make various arrests throughout the course of each year related to drug crimes such as possession and distribution. In order for these arrests to result in convictions, the state must prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the person charged actually had the drugs in their possession or they were committing some other crime such as selling the drugs. Cases with weak evidence may result in plea negotiations for lesser charges or the case being dropped altogether. 

Criminal attorneys are available in Florida

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