When you commit a crime and a lawsuit is leveled against you, you need the aid of a defense lawyer who can help you present your side of the matter in court. What happens if you are a lawyer yourself? When those charged with defending the rights of others and upholding the law are found to be guilty of crimes, there is no quarter of mercy given to them either. In a recent case, a San Diego lawyer James Warner has just pleaded guilty to several felony offenses.

Money Laundering Charges

Criminal defense lawyer James Warner has had to hire criminal defense lawyers to assist him in defending against a money laundering charge. He has been accused of committing two federal offenses. The San Diego criminal defense lawyer has pleaded guilty to the felony offenses and has confessed that he laundered $100,000 of the drug trafficking earning of a client. Not only did he help the client commit money laundering, but he also tampered with a potentially important witness in the case against him.

65 year old Warner has been known as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the state of California, where he has been practicing since 1974. Standing before the United States District Judge Jeffrey T. Miller, Warner pleaded guilty on drug money laundering charges and the attempted harassment of a potential witness. His criminal defense lawyers have been charged with the task of getting him a plea bargain in the best case scenario. At the hearing, a bond amount of $5,000 was set and a sentencing hearing has been set on October 16th.

At his sentencing hearing, his criminal defense lawyers will have to defend him in the case. If the case against him is proven and he does not receive a plea bargain, Warner stands to face a statutory maximum of 23 years of prison in a federal facility.


Criminal defense lawyer James Warner thought he could fool the system.


The Case

His criminal defense lawyers have already filed a plea agreement. According to the report in the plea agreement, the lawyers said that federal drug agents had searched the home of one of Warner’s clients who happened to be a drug trafficker. Upon checking his home and business establishments, the agents overlooked an amount of $100,000 in cash. This is the amount that the drug trafficker wanted Warner to help him hide. Warner agreed to conceal this money on the behalf of the drug trafficker. He then invested this money in an off-shore business, knowing fully well that the amount was drug proceeds and not legal.

As part of his guilty plea, Warner has listed down exactly what steps he took to make sure that the money was laundered. He has also agreed to a criminal forfeiture of $100,000 which is equal to the sum that was laundered. Furthermore, his criminal defense lawyers say that he has agreed to administratively forfeit an amount that is double that, which was seized from his law office.