Reward Offered for Stolen Trophies in Texas

There are some crimes that can have drastic ramifications on victims due to their violent nature, then there are incidents that result in devastating personal effects for those who are targeted. A recent incident in Amarillo, Texas is one of them. reports that Crime Stoppers in Amarillo are offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who is willing to come forward and provide information that could lead to the arrest of robbery suspects who stole dozens of trophies.

According to police reports, the robbery took place last week. The suspect(s) allegedly stole 10 bronze plated, 10 silver plated, and 10 gold plated trophies from the American Quarter Horse Association. The crime was particularly troubling to the Association because the trophies that had been stolen were to be awarded in the upcoming Adequan Select Show.

The Association explains that the trophies had been kept in the storage area inside the Amarillo National Center at the Tri-State Fairgrounds, and combined, were worth thousands of dollars.

Though not much has been resolved or disclosed in the matter, the incident raises several questions – especially because of its unique nature. After all, of all things that someone would go after, who would know to steal a series of equestrian trophies?

For example, did the robber(s) know of these trophies ahead of time and plan their crime? Was the incident a random act of robbery? Was there someone on the inside at the Association that gave the suspects a tip on where the trophies were located and their worth?

Many crimes are the result of insider information. This may or may not have been one of those instances. Either way, whoever was responsible for stealing the trophies may want to look into hiring an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer, as robbery is considered a serious offense.

A robbery offense in Texas may be punishable by both expensive fines and incarceration. What’s worse is that penalties are higher if the suspect is a repeat offender. These factors all contribute to the need for anyone who has been suspected of committing a crime in Texas to consult with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

The longer someone waits to obtain legal assistance, the harder it will be to contest the charges – even if they are minor. A criminal conviction can drastically change someone’s life for the worse, creating problems when both seeking and retaining employment, when attempting to apply for financial assistance or rent a property, and can even affect someone’s civil rights, such as their ability to vote.

Crimes are taken seriously in Texas, which is why anyone – whether they stole a trophy, television set, or car – should retain legal counsel immediately, if they hope to walk away from the case with a drastically reduced sentence or possibly even without incurring any charges at all.

Anyone who has any information on those who may have committed the theft crime are urged to contact Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400, and may be eligible to obtain an award.