45 years ago on Aug. 8th, 1969 Mansion and ‘The Family’ came into the limelight for the wrong reasons. They brutally murdered movie actress Sharon Tate, and Leno LaBianca and his wife on consecutive nights. These were not the first in the series of gruesome murders that shocked the world. Earlier on July 25th, 1969, Manson sent three of his ‘Family’ members to the house of Gary Hinman to extort money. The victim was held hostage for two days before Manson turned up and instructed ‘Family’ member Bobby Beausoleil to stab Hinman to death.

A True Sociopath

The uncanny motivation of Charles Manson and his so called family behind their criminal acts is still baffling after 45 years. Some may blame it on the flower power generation where a few drug-crazed hippies went overboard trying to find a nirvana of sorts, shake the moral foundation of young adults. However, there is much more to the master manipulator who conducted high profile and horrific serial murders.

Manson was, for the most part, an opportunist who took full advantage of a portion of the 60s generation that were vulnerable, rebellious, and often had unrealistic expectations and thirst for a new found freedom. These were the people that the master manipulator tapped into in the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco. His ‘family’ was from among the most weak minded who he managed to allure into his fold.

Brain Dead Followers

Many of the generation were probably very lucky to have escaped being caught in Manson’s trap. He hung around in parks listening to the same music and smoked dope, just like many were doing. Some were attracted to his circle but were fortunate to get away. However, the unlucky ones were used, abused, and brainwashed so much that they forgot who they really were in the real world. They followed Manson’s dictates and participated in immoral acts just to please their cult leader Charles Manson who was an ex-con, thief, and showed no remorse.

Manson’s behavior did not change even after being arrested. When he was denied permission by the court to question a prosecution witness whom the criminal defense lawyers declined to cross-examine, he attempted to attack the Judge. After the prosecution rested its case, and arguments on standard dismissal motions were in progress, the criminal defense attorneys rested their case without calling any witness.

Charles Manson should have been put down decades ago. $80,000 a year to keep him alive and America thinks it is a righteous country.

Charles Manson should have been put down decades ago. $80,000 a year to keep him alive and America thinks it is a righteous country.

A Conspiracy

Members of the ‘Family’ that included Atkins, Van Houten, and Krenwinkel demanded they be granted their right to testify. In the judge’s chamber, the women’s criminal defense lawyers said their clients were keen to testify and admit that they had planned and committed the crimes without the knowledge of Manson. By resting their case, the defense lawyers were preventing them from doing so.

Manson would Love the Movie The Purge

That is the power and influence that Manson obviously had over his cult members. However, the prosecutor was of the opinion, like many others, that it was Manson who was forcing the women to testify in order to save himself. Mansion testified the next day without the presence of the jury in the courtroom. Manson’s banter continued for an hour, which included a call to the youth to rise up against the establishment, and once again, tried to shift the blame onto others.