The prosecution in Grand Rapids has said that John Balyo, 35, of Caledona, who was working as a radio host for a Christian radio station had admitted to the crime of raping a 12-year-old boy.

Baylo is charged with one count of first degree criminal sexual conduct, that is, penetration or rape, and one count of second degree criminal sexual conduct or a touching offense. The prosecution has said that Baylo was denied bail as he had admitted to the first degree offense. The radio station where Baylo was working has fired him after the charges came to light.

John Balyo violated a 12 year old boy’s trust.


According to reports, the federal investigation into Baylo’s activities continues. He has been questioned by the police and search warrants have been obtained to investigate his home and rented storage facility. These investigations pertain to case against Ronald Moser who has been arrested for manufacturing and possessing child pornography. Baylo is alleged to have paid Moser to arrange sexual encounters with children.

The current charge against Baylo involves the same child on the same day. Baylo was told at his arraignment that he faces up to a life imprisonment if convicted of the charges against him.


A sexual assault charge against a child is a major criminal offense and the penalties are severe. When a person is accused of child sexual assault, the prosecution will try and make multiple charges against the accused and each of these charges will attract a separate penalty, leading to a long time in prison if proved.

The number of charges against the accused depends on the number of children abused, the number of times each child was abused, and so on. In addition, possession of child pornography is a separate crime since it is solicitation for a child sexual partner. Moreover, the age of the child assaulted will also impact the severity of the penalty, as those convicted of sexual assault of a child 12 years or younger face a greater penalty.

Some Americans believe this type of crime should warrant the death penalty.

Baylo will face a long term in prison if he is convicted of the charge as his alleged victim was 12 years old. Moreover, if the prosecution is able to prove solicitation and possession of pornography, the number of charges for which he is convicted will increase, leading to a longer prison term.

Some people believe he deserves the death penalty.


When a person is accused of child sexual assault, they need to immediately retain the services of an expert criminal defense attorney. The defense lawyer will advise the client on their rights and help protect them. In addition, the defense lawyer will be able to assess the evidence against the accused and ensure that only legally collected evidence is presented in court during the trial. This will help reduce the number of charges against the accused and aid in reducing the penalty imposed.

A person convicted of child sexual assault faces various penalties all through their life, as even if they leave prison they are expected to report to the nearest police station and enroll as a convicted child sexual offender. However, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to help a person wrongly accused of this crime from avoiding the conviction and proving their innocence. For instance, a person who touched a child in order to aid them in a medical emergency can prove their innocence by showing that the touch was innocent and necessary.