While the internet has made it easy for individuals to order items such as Christmas gifts online only to receive them on their porch, it also makes it easier for thieves to steal without ever having to enter your home. We have already seen cases of porch thieves walking right onto the property of a home and taking packages without looking back. While some individuals will case neighborhoods to see which have items sitting on their porches just waiting for the owner to come home, others follow delivery trucks just to steal packages.

The fact is, many home surveillance cameras have caught many individuals in the act of stealing packages off the porches of homes that don’t belong to them, resulting in them being thrown in jail. Two “porch pirates,” which is the name law enforcement officers use to identify these types of thieves, were recently caught by the Broward Sheriff’s Office. An undercover Fort Lauderdale detective stated that “they’d go into residential homes along the [Intracoastal] Waterway, back into driveways and remove freshly delivered packages from UPS, FedEx packages, holiday gifts that these people were counting on” [Source: Sun-Sentinel].

The two porch pirates have been identified as Curtis Harris, 32, and Demetrius Harris, 27, and went on quite the spree recently, aware of the fact that many nice, not to mention expensive, items would sitting out in open daylight, unsupervised. The two men collected things like an Apple TV 4K device, English pies, candy, coffee, and toys. But, one day, police had already been onto the pair and had been watching when they ventured out in their black 2018 Infiniti Q50.

The two men made their rounds in various neighborhoods including Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point, and even Boca Raton. When they made one stop in the Palm Village townhome development at 901 SW 15th Street in Deerfield Beach, deputies arrested them. Both men are currently unemployed and Demetrius Harris was just let out of jail on a $3,000 bond after being arrested for grand theft auto. Between that pending charge and the ones that have now been filed against him and Curtis Harris, the holiday season isn’t looking too bright for these two men.

Demetrius Harris currently has a bond set at $75,000 and $105,000 has been set for Curtis Harris. Should they bail out, they will be required to submit to an electronic monitoring device.


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