Miami, FL- Miami police are investigating a shooting at local club early Sunday morning that left 15 people ranging in age from 25 to 11, injured, some critically.

Shots rang out at a small club called The Spot around 1 a.m. sending partygoers scrambling for cover from the hail of bullets. As police arrived, they found a chaotic scene with wounded people outside on the sidewalk and others inside the building.

At least 15 people were hit with seven taken to a local trauma center for treatment. Most of the injuries were minor, but one of the victims was in critical condition when they were taken to the hospital. That victim’s status was upgraded to critical but stable condition Monday.

Some of the victims were treated on the spot while others took themselves to the hospital. The youngest victims was 11.

Exactly how many shots were fired or where the shooting took place—in or outside the club—has not yet been determined by police. Witnesses have given varying accounts on how many shots were fired with some saying dozens while others saying there were are many as 100 shots fired, the Miami Herald reported.

WSVN reported that some witnesses have said the shooting erupted after a disagreement between two different groups of party goers.

While police are trying to determine who the shooter or shooters are, others are wondering why so many minors were in the club in the first place. A curfew in Miami-Dade County forbids teens from being out alone after 11 p.m. on the weekends. The club could have been hosting a private party or having a special night for teens. Police are more concerned with finding the shooter and trying to determine if the club was serving alcohol to minors to worry about the curfew infractions.

The owner of the club is cooperating with the police WSVN reported.

Depending on the outcome of their investigation, the shooters, when they are found, may not be the only ones facing criminal charges.

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