Police find driver trafficking fentanyl in Punta Gorda area

Punta Gorda, FL – Fentanyl trafficking has become a huge national problem in recent years. The deadly substance is known to cause fatalities and overdoses at very small doses. Because of the dangerous nature of this drug, people who are distributing fentanyl in Florida will be charged with felonies and face serious criminal consequences

Anyone who is facing charges also has the right to speak with a defense attorney about the possibility of a plea bargain and other matters relevant to their case. A criminal attorney can represent the defendant at trial, although agreeing to a plea is generally a more common outcome. In some cases, there may be reduced charges or dismissals if the state is lacking evidence or missing key witnesses. 

Local news for the Punta Gorda area reported on a man who was arrested for transporting fentanyl and driving on a suspended license [1]. 

Traffic stop leads to fentanyl arrest

Police say that the suspect was a 32 year old male from Port Charlotte, Florida who was initially stopped for driving through a stop sign. The traffic stop happened at the intersections of Delake Ave and Yorkshire Street north of the city limits in Port Charlotte. When officers approached the suspect’s black BMW sedan, he admitted that he did not have a driver’s license with him. One of the police officers on the scene had previously encountered the suspect, and he proceeded to make an arrest for the suspended license. 

A search incident to arrest was conducted, and officers found a bag in one of his pockets that contained about fourteen grams of both cocaine and fentanyl. The amount of fentanyl was more than enough for the police to charge him with trafficking. A search of the vehicle also revealed large amounts of cash and a few grams of marijuana. At the time of the news report, the suspect was incarcerated at Charlotte County Jail and held on a bond. He was charged with crimes for possession and trafficking of drugs in addition to the suspended license misdemeanor. No details were given about the suspect’s prior record or how the officer had previously come into contact with the man. 

Criminal defense attorneys in Florida

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