Criminal defense lawyers in Missouri shed some light on the game that has Pokémon fans going crazy, and the troubling news that has determined this thrilling experience could turn into a case involving police.

Are you an avid gamer who keeps up with the latest technology, knowing where and when new and improved video games are going to be released? Perhaps you have heard of the new Pokémon Go game that can be played directly on your smart phone, resulting in those who are used to sitting behind a controller up and at ‘em. The game has turned the virtual world into more of a reality as gamers are exposed to a superimposed image of a Pokémon character standing right before their eyes. You could literally be standing on your lawn, and while looking through the screen of your phone, see a Pokémon character appear.  

The Pokemon Go game has many traveling into uncharted territory, and sometimes alone.

Criminal defense attorneys in Missouri note that the concept of the game requires the player to collect as many Pokémon characters as possible with a Pokeball, or it is? As of lately, the concept seems a bit more convoluted as those playing the game have come across more than just a virtual battle as they journey out to these locations to find and obtain these Pokeballs in order to capture their characters.

It appears criminals are using the location settings from the game app to locate those traveling in remote areas.

Apparently, criminal defense legal representatives in Missouri have learned from recent news reports that the Pokémon Go game is becoming a potential danger for many as criminals are capitalizing on the harmless people who are truly out to play the game simply searching for these Pokémon characters they have set out to capture. CNN News has noted that the game has “brought people and Pokémon to places they don’t normally go,” and that has led to unfortunate circumstances for many.

One account reported may even have you considering whether you should continue playing the game, especially if you are alone and venturing out in search of your virtual characters. According to a statement made by officials, “using the geolocation feature on the ‘Pokémon Go’ app, the robbers are able to anticipate the location and level of seclusion of unwitting victims.” These criminals are taking advantage of the true players as they lure them in and attempt to rob them of their personal property.

Police just recently received a 911 call where four potential suspects may have been plotting to rob a gammer traveling to obtain their required characters.

Criminal defense attorneys local to you in Missouri also point out that officers received a call this past Sunday around 2 a.m. where four individuals were taken into custody and later located a handgun.

As the game continues to grow in popularity, Nintendo is reaping the benefits of these lifelong Pokémon fans as the company is now worth 7 billion dollars more this week after the game has been released. Missouri criminal defense legal representatives point out that officials remind gamers out there to be cautious as you begin your endeavors, and always be smart when traveling to an unknown location.