Rather than teaching students about the importance of physical education and the various ways children can stay active, a P.E. teacher in Los Angeles was recently taken into police custody for the inappropriate behavior he displayed in front of students.  What did the teacher do that had parents outraged and upset? The male teacher was caught on camera while working at Carthay Center Elementary School running around naked, exposing his private parts to young children. The man was a contracted employee who worked for the districts Star Education Program. Apparently, while he was present around students, he began to strip and remove all his clothing. Eventually, he was completely naked which prompted students to run away.

The kids “ducked and dodged” according to one parent and even “ran into some of the classrooms and got safe haven that way.” The video that captured a portion of the incident was recorded by a construction worker who happened to be passing by. We see in the video the man putting his pants back on in the middle of the playground.

The school did notify parents via robocall and even put the building on the lockdown as a safety precaution until officers responded to the call and took the teacher into custody. A letter was then sent home that notified parents that an individual began behaving in an odd manner and was taken into law enforcement custody. Parents expressed their disgust and concern regarding the matter after being interviewed by CBS Los Angeles and stated that because they haven’t received answers, many have lost their trust in the school and the district.

The school brought out mental health counselors for the children following the incident as it was likely scary and a lot to take in. Having a teacher strip and run around naked isn’t something students see on a daily basis so many may be struggling inside with the odd behavior they witnessed. School police also reported that they were working to investigate the matter while building a case against the unidentified man.

Will the teacher be charged with indecent exposure?

It would be in the best interest of the teacher to hire a local CA criminal defense attorney at his earliest convenience seeing that he is likely to face some serious penalties for the crimes he committed. The fact that he was working at a school alone is going to really make it difficult for a judge to want to hear his side of the case especially because he exposed himself to children. Teachers and other school personnel have a certain behavior and duty to follow because they are working with and around children.  This P.E. teacher clearly broke school policy and violated laws.

While the average person might face a charge of incident exposure for this same act, this man can expect more criminal charges to be filed against him given the environment he was in and the people who were around him.