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Have you recently been arrested in the state of Oregon and are looking for some clarification as to what your rights are and what you should be doing to prep for your upcoming hearing? Do you need more information pertaining to your particular charge and what penalties you could potentially be facing? While you are informed of your charges after being arrested, you may not be clear on the actual consequences that come along with the crime. And are you sure the charges that have been pinned against you are valid? As you know, many individuals are often charged and even convicted for crimes they had no involvement in.

Whether your charges were brought on by a person or the district attorney, you don’t exactly have someone on your side trying to fight the offenses that you have been accused of committing. This is why it is essential for you to hire one of our featured Oregon criminal defense attorneys. USAttorneys is here to provide you with free assistance to not only help you find the best Oregon defense lawyers, but also help you retain one. You can give us a call today or reach out to a recommended lawyer right here on our site to begin receiving the help and guidance you need during this difficult time.


What Can You Expect in Court?


It all comes down to your charges and their severity. In some cases, you may only be required to take your case before a judge where you are either offered a plea deal or a verdict is reached. This is the time when you are going to want your defense lawyer present with you as they can help you understand if a fair plea deal has been offered or if they believe they may be able to get your consequences reduced even further.

But, if you decide to not accept the plea deal, you may be required to have your case heard before a jury and it will be re-scheduled for another date and time.


How Does the Courts Select the Jury?


According to Chapter 132.010, Section c.703 §22 on, a “grand jury is a body of seven persons drawn from the jurors in attendance upon the circuit court at a particular jury service team.” Before a jury can be selected for the case, they must meet specific requirements to ensure there won’t be any issue of bias or racial opinions being used to make the decision.

This, however, is subjective which is yet another reason why you need to hire one of our criminal defense attorneys in Oregon. They are well-versed in the field and know exactly what to say to make your case a solid one in front of both the judge and the jury. Our featured legal professionals can also request that a member of the jury be removed should they feel they aren’t honest or will intentionally attempt to have you, the defendant, convicted regardless of innocent.


Criminal charges can escalate into something more than they begin at. Because you want to avoid being charged with the maximum penalty, give us a call and let one of our reliable and trustworthy Oregon criminal defense law firms represent you and assist with your case.