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Did you get arrested recently? Are you facing criminal charges? Worried about going to jail? You have reason to be concerned about your arrest and the charges against you. With any criminal charge, there is always the possibility that you’ll be given jail time, a punishment that could dramatically change your life and cause you a host of troubles down the road.

What Are My Rights If I’m Arrested in Nebraska?

If police stop you and they have enough evidence to charge you with a crime, you will be placed under arrest. Even so, you have rights the police must respect. Those rights are according to the Nebraska ACLU:

The right to remain silent, but you must assert that right verbally

You can refuse to search your home or car unless police have a warrant.

You have the right to leave the scene if you are not under arrest but do so calmly.

If arrested, you have the right to an attorney and don’t have to answer any question without one present.

Your defense will benefit if know your rights and assert them when confronted by an officer.

No one wants to be stopped by police, but you should avoid antagonizing an officer. If you object to your treatment or don’t think your arrest is justified, let your attorney deal with it later. Just be respectful of an officer otherwise you could make your criminal charges worse and face harsh penalties.

Getting Out of Jail in Omaha

If you are arrested, you might be able to post bail and get out before you spend any significant time in jail. You may be eligible for a pre-trial release, depending on the severity of your charges, but that decision is up to a judge.

You can be held in jail until your court date for the following reasons:

A judge orders you to stay

You have been arrested for domestic violence

You are charged with a serious felony

You have been charged with a third DUI or refusal

You were arrested on a warrant from another state

If a judge decides you are eligible for release, whoever you have enlisted to get you out of jail must pay your bail in full or contact a bondsman to post bail for you. Bail can be as little as a few hundred dollars up to millions depending on the severity of your crimes. Your loved one or your defense attorney will need to call the jail where you are being held to get the bail amount.

Douglas County Corrections

710 S 17th St.,

Omaha, NE 68102


Omaha Correctional Center

2323 Ave J,

Omaha, NE 68110

(402) 595-3963


Omaha Police Department-Northeast Precinct

4316 N 30th St.,

Omaha, NE 68111

(402) 444-6916

Inmate locator:

If you have enough cash to pay your bail, whoever you have enlisted to help you just need to take that money to the jail, and you can be released as soon as processing is over. If you cannot pay the full bail amount, you can call a bondsman and see of

Why You Need to Fight Your Criminal Charges

There are plenty of reasons to fight a criminal conviction and avoid damaging your reputation. If you have the misfortune of being convicted, you could lose your freedom, your job, and some of your civil rights. As convicted offender faces jail time, fines and restitution, probation or parole, and community service. You will also have a criminal arrest and conviction on your record and will remain there indefinitely.

You will feel the effects of your criminal conviction even if you have already served your time in jail. A criminal record will make you unappealing to many employers, and you could be passed over for a good job even if you were convicted of a minor crime. You should contact a criminal defense lawyer and do whatever it takes to avoid being convicted of a crime.

You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Omaha

A criminal conviction charge will impact all aspects of your life. You can spend days or years in jail. You’ll lose your home, your car and other possessions if you are sentenced to years in jail. There is a long list of consequences for an arrest and even longer list if you are convicted.

The most important decision you will make about your criminal charges is whether to rely on a public defender or a private criminal attorney. Some people are concerned they won’t be able to afford a private attorney and decide a public defender is all they need. A defense attorney has time to devote to your case a public defender doesn’t.

Before you make any decisions about who will represent you, we recommend you arrange a case evaluation with a criminal defense lawyer at You can expect an honest assessment of your case and our attorneys will be upfront with their fees.

A criminal defense attorney in Omaha is also capable of assisting you with the following issues:

Getting an arrest stricken from your record

Obtaining a pardon

Negotiating for a plea bargain

Probation violations

Appealing a conviction

When you hire one of the criminal defense lawyers at, you will have an assertive defender with the experience to build an aggressive defense. Don’t make any critical decisions about your case before you speak to one of the top-notch attorneys listed on our website. Call and set up a case evaluation today.

Our criminal defense team in Nebraska can help you with the following charges:

Assault or battery

Auto theft

Domestic violence

Drunken or drugged driving

Drug distribution or trafficking

Identity theft


Elder Abuse or financial exploitation

Marijuana possession

Sexual assault

White collar crime

Weapons Charges

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