Ohio – A couple of armed suspects may soon find themselves needing the expert advice and legal prowess of an Ohio criminal defense lawyer after embarking on a massive theft crime spree.

According to local news reports, investigators believe that the same group of individuals may have been behind several ATM robberies throughout Reynoldsburg, Bexley, and Columbus over the past few months.

The first crime took place on the morning of April 11 at a Fifth Third Bank in Reynoldsburg while a banker was attempting to withdraw money from the through ATM. The suspect approached the victim’s vehicle from behind, then walked to the driver’s side door and, while pointed a gun at the driver, asked for money. However, this didn’t appear to be a typical bank heist.

What makes this particular incident rather unusual is the fact that the suspect told the victim that they only needed $400. Then, once the victim acquiesced to the demand, the suspect apologized and ran off.

Unfortunately, the second robbery wasn’t as “polite.” This ATM heist took place on June 7 at a Key Bank, also in Reynoldsburg. The victim, who was at the night depository, was approached by two suspects this time and was struck by one of the suspects. While on the ground, one suspect revealed he had a gun and said “Give me all you got” to the victim, but fled before obtaining any cash.

Four more ATM robberies took place after that, the last of which occurred on August 1. During the last attempted theft crime, the intended victim was waiting for cash to be dispensed from an ATM at another Fifth Third Bank when a suspect made an attempt to approach the car, yelling at the victim. The victim sped off, leaving the cash in the ATM, which the suspect took.

The suspects have all been described as being male and approximately six feet tall. All of the suspects were described as wearing dark clothing and had partially concealed their faces with scarves and hoodies. Each time, the suspects fled the scene of the crime afoot.

Police are asking residents to come forward with any information they may have on the suspects and are even offering a cash reward.

If the suspects are caught, they will most certainly need a good criminal defense attorney on their side, as armed robbery is a felony offense in Ohio. In fact, Ohio has some of the most severe penalties regarding robbery offenses in the country. A robbery conviction can lead to anywhere between one to eight years in prison, depending on the amount of force that was used by the accused during the alleged crime.

As the suspects were in possession of a gun, a deadly weapon, and made it known to the victims that they had such a weapon and/or pointed the gun directly at the victims, they could face aggravated robbery charges, which are much more serious.

In Ohio, an aggravated robbery charge is considered a first degree felony offense and can land the accused in jail for up to 10 years and can also carry a penalty fine of up to $20,000.

It is definitely in each suspect’s best interest to consult with a criminal defense team right away to discuss their options and determine a plan of action. Without an attorney, the suspects could face the maximum penalties assessable and spend a good portion of time behind bars.