When anyone commits a crime in Orlando, Florida their case is recorded in their criminal record, and it generally stays there- accessible to almost everyone- unless it is sealed or expunged. A person’s criminal history is basically a listing of their criminal record giving details of their arrest and incarceration. If law enforcement officials want, they can obtain this information through the network. Other individuals, such as the public and employers can also access the public version of the record by applying for a special request.

Once a person carries out a crime and they are charged for it, they get a criminal record and the criminal record is generally accessible to employers and anyone else who may be affected by a person’s criminal history. To make sure that one’s crimes do not negatively affect their life after they have done their time and made amends, a person should call a criminal defense attorney to explore any options they have regarding sealing or expunging their record.

Not all crimes can be dealt with this way, but a person should not risk losing the chance to have their record removed from public access. Of course, the ideal situation would be for anyone to not have the charges laid in the first place and that is why it can not be emphasized enough for a person to hire a qualified lawyer to defend them as early on in the case as possible.

How can a criminal defense attorney help lift criminal charges in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Individuals who are arrested for a crime quite often make the mistake of believing that they can represent themselves. Most people do not realize how difficult it can be to navigate through the legalities of a case on their own. They also often overlook the fact that speaking in front of a judge and the opposing parties’ attorney is highly nerve-wracking and it’s nearly impossible to stay calm and collected while in such a situation completely alone.

Whether a person really is guilty of committing the crime or not, they should connect with a lawyer to help them build legal defenses and represent them in court. Small legal details can significantly reduce one’s charges and turn one’s case around for the better. If a person is accused of a profoundly serious crime and the opposing party has a lot of evidence to prove them wrong, they will need the help of a lawyer more than ever.

Speak to a criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak today to get help with one’s criminal case.

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