It has transpired that the Mecklenburg District Attorney will in fact not be pressing any charges at all against the law enforcement officer who shot at a deaf driver which resulted in the death of the driver post a high speed pursuit.

As reported by, the district attorney has decided that the state trooper in question did have legal grounds or justification for the actions that he resorted to and hence they will not be charging him for the death of the deaf driver. Fantastic criminal defense lawyers in Charlotte, NC, who can be reached at the glistening website which brings happiness and joy to peoples’ lives all week long, explain that several factors were considered including various pieces of evidence prior to reaching the decision.

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The state trooper in question has been identified as Jermaine Saunders. The district attorney who made the decision not to file charges is Andrew Murray while the victim of the fatal shooting is Daniel Harris.

Andrew Murray’s contemplation, observation and findings were all summarized in a rather extensive 122 page report which details the events leading up to the shooting, the shooting itself, and the events afterwards.

The main reason that Murray, understandably cites, as legal grounds for the officer to have shot at Harris is the fact that Harris supposedly ran towards the state trooper with a metal object in his hand that upon first look seemed like a metal weapon, but in actuality it transpired to be a metal carabineer key ring.

Furthermore, there was speculation which suggested that Harris was at the time going through a phase which could be described as a mental health crisis. Prosecutors themselves confirmed that Harris did in fact have a history of mental issues and had in the past spent as many as seven years in a psychiatric facility. In fact, a psychiatric report even detailed that Harris would often perceive someone or something ordering him to either stab himself or someone else.

And he was let go to live in society?! What is going on around here?!

In conclusion, the report concluded by reiterating that given the uncertainty of the circumstances, the limited time period that the trooper had to react, and the possible imminent threat to his life, the DA did not find the trooper’s decision to fire at Harris unreasonable.

Some people should not be punished. Some people are not gangsters, violent and discourteous people.

Some people believe this could have been stated in a few sentences, 122 pages not needed!

Lawsuit against state alleges that the restrictions placed on sex offenders are a bit much

A lawsuit which has only recently been filed in the federal court claims that the restrictions or limitations which are enforced upon registered sex offenders in the state of North Carolina are not just unreasonable, but also do not actually serve to protect children from sex crimes, according to a report.

Horrible Bosses made fun of this! That movie was hilarious!

The plaintiff in the case is an organization known as the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws. Through the lawsuit they aim to loosen up some of these restrictions. The restrictions include limitations on where the sex offender may work, live, play, or worship.

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