Get A Criminal Defense Lawyer In New Jersey

In New Jersey, one crime is committed every two minutes and 54 seconds, the New Jersey State Police. Most crimes involve property crime and other non-violent offenses, but one violent crime is committed every 22 minutes and 48 seconds in New Jersey. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor, felony or a federal crime, you have the right to present a defense and try to prove your innocence.


Bail in New Jersey

On January 1, 2017, the State Bail Reform and Speedy Trial Act was enacted to ensure low-income offenders are left languishing in jail because they are unable to pay exorbitant bail amounts. Many criminal defendants fail to come up with 10 percent of the cash bail. The recently enacted legislation changes New Jersey’s bail system from a cash-based system to a risk-based system.

Under the, a judge decides if you should be granted bail based on numerous metrics such as the defendant’s age, criminal history and any evidence presented by a defense attorney.

The law also states that your detention determination hearing should occur within 48 hours of your arrest. A judge can choose to impose conditions on a person’s release or decide to hold an individual without offering a bail.


What’s Next After I Post Bail?

After you are released on bail, you are free to carry on with your daily life until you are scheduled to appear in court or

If you need help with a criminal defense for the following crimes, contact a criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey:

Driving While Impaired

Weapons charges

Domestic violence

Probation violation

Federal crimes

Federal crimes including drug trafficking, federal gun charges, wire fraud or probation offenses have much tougher penalties than state charges. If you are facing federal charges, you must have a defense strategy of you could spend significant time in jail and be required to pay costly fines.


What are the consequences of criminal conviction in New Jersey?

A criminal conviction in New Jersey can result in a jail sentence and a loss of many other freedoms. You will also be left with a criminal record and could be on probation for several years. A criminal record can make a person’s life difficult by limiting your options for housing and employment. Your record may also keep you from going to a college of your choice.

After you arrest, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Maine immediately. Our accomplished team of accident attorneys will be working on your defense, so you have a greater chance of avoiding a criminal conviction.

Even if you are convicted or exonerated, a criminal defense lawyer can serve you in other ways such as:


Expunging your arrest and criminal record

Help you with a probation violation

Reinstatement of your civil rights

We recommend you contact a criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey to assist you with all stages of your criminal case. After your arrest, speak with a lawyer as soon as can and let them get started on your defense.