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Were you accused of committing a crime in New Hampshire? If so, you may benefit from obtaining legal counsel, and we’re here to help. is your source for finding an experienced New Hampshire criminal law attorney to protect your rights. Our site features access to some of the most acclaimed and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers in the state who will provide you with the passionate and aggressive legal representation you deserve. Whether you are in the early stages of an interrogation or are trying to appeal a court sentence, retaining legal counsel is your best chance to surpass the charges against you.


Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer


If convicted of a criminal charge in New Hampshire, you may be forced to pay expensive fines, may be ordered to perform community service, and worst of all, may be sent to jail. Aside from criminal penalties, a conviction can also cause you to lose your job, be denied new employment and may even lead you to lose certain civil rights, like voting. Without a criminal defense lawyer’s assistance, you may face the maximum penalties associated with the offense and may even be convicted of a crime you didn’t even commit.

Criminal defense attorneys know what’s on the line and are committed to gathering solid evidence on your behalf. They will help reduce the penalties you are facing and may even acquit you of all charges. Whether you are facing charges for driving under the influence, assault or a white collar crime, an experienced lawyer has what it takes to secure the best outcome for your case.


Do You Qualify for Legal Representation


Everyone makes bad decisions and sometimes those errors in judgment lead to criminal charges and the possibility of spending months and even years behind bars. You should speak to a lawyer as soon as you can learn how they can help you possibly beat conviction.


Your Arrest

An officer can detain, question and arrest you if they see you committing a crime or have probable cause to think you have committed a crime. If you are arrested, an officer must inform read your Miranda rights and inform you of your right to counsel. You can be held for up to 48 hours


Getting Out of Jail

In some cases, arrestees can post bail and get out of jail until your first court date, but that will require you to come up with a cash bail or put up collateral to cover your bond. Most bond amounts are high and serve to ensure you appear in court as scheduled.

Bail Bonds Companies in New Hampshire:

Amherst Bail Bonds Inc.

1465 Woodbury Ave # 829, Portsmouth, NH 03801


Second Chance Bail Bonds

40 Mill St, New Boston, NH 03070


How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney in New Hampshire Benefit Me?

There are serious consequences associated with a criminal conviction, including a jail sentence and loss of some basic civil rights. Our team of criminal defense attorneys has skills and expertise that can be beneficial to your case. They have a comprehensive knowledge of New Hampshire’s criminal laws so that they can provide you with a watertight defense. Our attorneys in New Hampshire will take whatever steps they can to keep you from going to jail and having a criminal record.


A Defense Lawyer Can Help with a Plea Bargain?

Many criminal cases are resolved long before anyone steps into court through a plea bargain. Such deals result in lesser penalties and sometimes reduced charges. It takes a savvy negotiator to secure a good plea bargain.

Don’t take your criminal charges lightly or fool yourself into thinking you can handle your criminal charges without a professional’s help.


Help with Difficult Cases

If you are accused of a hate crime, domestic violence or facing a federal crime, you need a defense attorney working for you.

Do you have questions about your charges? Are you unsure how to plead? Are you wondering what your future entails? If you have questions about posting bail, negotiating for a plea bargain or what sentence you may receive, you can get answers from one of USAttorneys’ criminal defense lawyers in New Hampshire.


Resources for Victims of Crime in New Hampshire

If you are the victim of a crime or witnessed one, you can get answers about your case and find victim’s services here:

Office of Victim/Witness Assistance

Office of the Attorney General

33 Capitol Street

Concord, NH 03301

(603) 271-3671

If you are convicted of a crime you could go to jail, you must pay costly fines and will have a criminal record. There are many troublesome consequences associated with a criminal conviction, so you would be wise to retain a local defense attorney and let them begin building your defense.