Find Local Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys And Lawyers

In 2015, there was a 9.1 percent decrease in crime in Nebraska as data from the Nebraska Crime Commission shows. Even so, law enforcement in the state made over 50,000 arrests for violent crimes and property crimes.

To many people, being arrested and convicted is a horrible thing. That is because most of us understand the gravity of a criminal conviction. No one wants to face the prospect of spending months or years behind bars. There are also fines to be paid, and most offenders spend months, sometimes years answering to a probation officer.


Public Defender vs. Private Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the first decisions you must make is whether to rely on a court-appointed attorney or hire a private criminal defense. Public defenders are educated and very competent, but they are also bogged down with a heavy case load. If you want someone who can devote more time and resources to your case, let USAttorneys connect you with a criminal defense lawyer.

A private criminal defense attorney in Nebraska can help you with the following charges:

Alcohol-Impaired or drug-impaired driving

Hate crimes

Domestic violence

Weapons charges

White-collar crimes

Probation violations



Reasons to Fight a Criminal Charge in Nebraska

Convicted criminal offenders face jail time, fines and restitution, probation, community service and a criminal record. A criminal conviction can also lead to a loss of certain civil rights including the right to own firearms and the right to vote.


Setting Aside a Criminal Record

Employers are turned off by job applicants with a criminal record; it’s one of the biggest downfalls of a conviction. An employer just has to go online to get access to someone’s criminal record, so background checks are common. You should do whatever you can to avoid a criminal conviction by retaining a defense attorney. If you have been convicted, you can remove some hurdles by asking for a pardon or requesting your conviction be set aside.

Once you have been convicted, it remains on your record indefinitely. If you have your conviction set aside, it will still be visible on your criminal record, but employers can see the order. To have your criminal record set aside, you can file your petition with a Clerk of the District Court of County Court.

Local Courts in Nebraska:

Clerk of the District Court

1601 Broadway St, Dakota City, NE 68731


Douglas County District Court

Hall of Justice, 1701 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68183


York County Court

510 N Lincoln Ave, York, NE 68467


A pardon is a formal forgiveness of your criminal conviction. To get a pardon, you must file your formal request with the Board of Pardons. For instructions on how to get a pardon for a criminal conviction, you can visit the State Board of Pardons website.


Speak with An Attorney

It’s always wise to consult with a defense attorney before making any critical decisions about your case. When you hire one of your criminal defense lawyers in Nebraska, they will assist you with all aspects of your claim from posting bail to plea bargains to building a criminal defense.