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If you were arrested for domestic violence after getting into a fight with your spouse, you’ll need to hire a FL criminal defense attorney to represent you.

Altercations occur within relationships all the time. One spouse may not agree with something the other did or a boyfriend or girlfriend may have done something to violate the other’s trust. The fact is, arguments and disagreements aren’t uncommon between individuals who are married, living together, or dating. However, when those arguments or disagreements turn violent or one person begins to inflict harm consistently, “arouse fear, or prevent their partner from doing what they wish,” it then becomes a case of domestic violence [Source: The National Domestic Violence Hotline].

Domestic violence is when a person becomes physically and/ or sexually violent toward their spouse or partner, makes threats and uses intimation against him or her, and/or becomes emotionally abusive toward them. Domestic violence is considered a crime that carries serious penalties with it so if you have been charged with domestic violence in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you will need to retain a FL criminal defense attorney who has experience with handling these types of cases who can help defend your rights.


Both my spouse and I engaged in violent behavior during our fight so why was I the only one who was arrested?


Unfortunately, when the police are called into situations involving a fight between a couple, there is usually one person who is identified as the perpetrator, also referred to as the abuser. But what happens when both parties displayed violent behavior? What if your spouse was the one who provoked you and began hitting you first which resulted in you defending yourself? What then? The reality is, this happens frequently, and while you are now forced to fight these charges to prevent from having your record stained, your girlfriend/boyfriend or even your roommate gets to walk free without taking any of the blame for their violent or inappropriate behavior.

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If you are looking to get your domestic violence charges dropped, you’ll want to speak with domestic violence attorney Gabriela C. Novo.

Now, because you were arrested and criminal charges have been filed against you, the only thing left for you to do in an effort to maintain your character and keep your personal record clean is to hire a domestic violence attorney in Fort Lauderdale, FL who is prepared to help you. Even if you are guilty of the crime, you shouldn’t be held liable for the entire incident. And in an effort to prove to the court you weren’t the only aggressor, you need a legal expert who has a great deal of experience with defending domestic violence criminals.

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