MSP Trooper Charged After Unlawfully Beating Civilian Who Wasn’t Using the Sidewalk

A Michigan State Police trooper is facing multiple criminal charges for the unruly beating of a civilian. The charges come months after the incident occurred on Webber Street near Julius Street on Saginaw’s South Side, MLive reported (1). Body cam footage documenting the beating was released in addition to the details surrounding the act of police misconduct.

The media outlet noted that on the evening of Sept. 4, 2022, 28-year-old Michael D. Wilson had been walking in the street when he was approached by officer Paul E. Arrowood, 43. The officer and his partner immediately approached Wilson after acknowledging he wasn’t walking on the sidewalk. Upon initiating contact with Wilson, Arrowood placed his hand on Wilson’s arm which prompted the civilian to call out “time out, time out, time out.”

What could have been a routine stop escalated into a major event. Although Arrowood doesn’t appear to provide Wilson with any explanation as to why he was being stopped, the officer believed he had a valid reason for taking the civilian down to the ground. Wilson can then be heard yelling for help while Arrowood aggressively demands Wilson rollover.

State Trooper Paul Arrowood was placed on unpaid suspension following the incident.

After taking Wilson down to the ground, Arrowood can be seen in the body cam footage repeatedly punching the civilian and kicking him. He can also be heard calling him a “little b****.” Although Wilson was booked in the Saginaw County Jail on charges of assaulting, resisting, or obstructing police, per MLive, prosecutors chose not to file the charges.

However, a few weeks after the unfortunate incident took place, Arrowood was placed on unpaid suspension until the case was resolved. New reports now highlight that Arrowood has been arraigned on “single counts of common law offense or misconduct in office and assault and battery.” Arrowood could face a maximum of $10,000 in fines and up to five years in jail.

What to do if a person is unlawfully detained in Michigan.

If you or someone you know was unlawfully detained in Michigan, you can explore your options for addressing the matter with an Ingham County criminal defense lawyer. In many instances like this, criminal defense lawyers have been able to get the charges dropped, allowing the alleged suspect to walk free. They’ve also been known to turn the spotlight onto the officer(s) who initiated the wrongful arrest.

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