Rachel Heffner didn’t know that when she phoned for police help that she would be facing criminal charges for a crime she did not commit. There are many instances where an individual is wrongfully charged for a crime which is why it is essential to hire a Tennessee criminal defense lawyer following any sort of conviction or charge.

According to The Tennessean news source, Heffner was trying to break up an altercation between her 17-year old son and her 14-year old son back in August 2016. After threatening to call police, her “17-year old grabbed her by the neck and then pushed her down the stairs.” These actions instantly promoted Heffner to call 911 as she feared for her safety. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it.

Heffner also stated that her eldest son spit in her face which resulted in her spitting back. He then reacted to this by punching her. After making several calls to police, officials finally arrived, accept they arrested her and concluded she had been the aggressor in the dispute. She was charged with “provocative conduct” due to her spitting at her son. The 17-year claimed he was defending himself when he punched his mother after she spit on him. Heffner’s 14-year old son corroborated the story and it later came out that he did so in fear of being harmed by his older brother.

It is vital that anyone dealing with a criminal matter speak with a local criminal defense attorney in Nashville, TN immediately.

As a result of the quarrel, Heffner was placed in jail for 12 hours and ordered to stay away from the home for a short period of time. She was shocked that officials allowed her children to be left alone, and that her side of the story wasn’t even taken into consideration. Although the charges were dropped against Heffner as her son failed to appear in court, she knew she had to take legal matters into her own hands. Heffner decided to hire a local Nashville, TN criminal defense attorney to ensure her rights weren’t overlooked.

It was enough that Heffner’s charges were dismissed because the underlying issue had not been addressed. With the help of her Tennessee criminal dense lawyer, Heffner is looking to make changes in the legal system and how each case is handled. Nashville police receive approximately 25,000 domestic violence calls and it is unknown how many of them are handled fairly. Heffner stated that she hopes her story can help those struggling with similar circumstances and she reminds individuals that they must “protect their own rights.”

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