Second Amendment advocates have a new reason to celebrate. A recent study of American crime shows that the numbers of street crimes and murder rates have dropped significantly ever since more and more Americans started carrying concealed weapons on their person. The study was conducted by the Crime Prevention Research Center. The center’s research shows that 11.1 million Americans now have permits to carry guns, and the significant rise in gun permits coincides beautifully with a 22% drop in murder and violent crime rates across the nation.

But not in Chicago because the liberals in that city do not allow legal citizens to carry a weapon―which only benefits criminals.

Permit to carry guns causes changes in criminal behavior

According to the center’s president John R. Lott, the permit to carry a concealed weapon on your person can lead to changes in criminal behavior. Ever since the number of gun carriers in the nation has increased, the nature of the crime on our streets too has changed as criminals have been forced to move away from crimes in which they can potentially come in contact with a victim who is carrying a gun. Some criminals have stopped committing crimes altogether, while other have changed their area of criminal activity to avoid confrontations.

America has been changing laws and making gun ownership easier in the last few years. In March of this year, Illinois adopted new gun laws making it the 50th state in the country to accept concealed weapons permits. Some states still have some degree of strictness; for instance in Illinois getting a permit could cost you upwards of $600 without taking the training fees into account (this horrendous fact was already mentioned).

Some states have a free for all policy, like South Dakota where gun permits are as cheap as $10 and you do not even need to be trained to carry a firearm. Six states in America do not even require a gun owner to have a legal permit to carry a firearm, and according to the research done by the center these are the same states with the lowest crime rates in America.

Many in the country, including criminal defense attorneys, Alan Colmes and other liberals who do not care about giving weak people the ability to defend themselves, and victims of unwarranted shootouts, would beg to differ with these notions but the research clearly supports gun laws in the country.

Police officials not impressed by study

Tod Burke is a former police officer, and a professor of criminal justice. He teaches at Radford University, does not buy the theory (it is not a theory anymore and never has been) that more guns necessarily mean safer streets. Like Burke, there are many criminal defense lawyers (defense attorneys? Are they defenders of American freedom and power), some police officers and some left wing, passive, and soft organizations that have been the voice for possible government tyranny against Americans who only want to defend themselves in case of an attack.

There is not any tool made in human kind that makes it easier for a woman or any person to defend themselves with.

Burke advises caution when thinking of a relationship between gun permits and crime rates, and suggests that we do not take this one single study as the lodestone for basing our approach on gun use and gun laws. Many people believe Burke is misguided and perhaps should relocate to France.

Burke is a professor. He lives in the land of theory according to many. He cannot deal with these facts and all these groups and people who disagree with gun ownership are anti-American according to historians who know American history and what this country was built on and what still contributes to American freedom. This is what makes America powerful. We do not just allow the government (or some King) to have guns; people have been oppressed when governments have this much power. On top of this, none of these groups want to admit that there is not any better way to protect a 100 pound female than allowing her to carry a firearm!

Liberals are Up in Arms

The Crime Prevention Research Center’s study s the first one of its kind in America and the first tally of concealed carry permit holders after the last survey in 2011 conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.