Find Local Montana Criminal Defense Lawyers And Attorneys

Each year in Montana, thousands of people are arrested and charged with criminal offenses. Most arrests are for minor charges like drunken. No matter how minor or severe your criminal charges are, you need a solid defense if you want to keep your freedom and your civil rights.


Snapshot of Crime in Montana

Violent crimes in Montana

According to the Montana Board of Crime Control, a violent crime occurs every four hours in the state. That includes:

One homicide every 13 days

One robbery every two days, and

Five aggravated assaults every day.

Property crimes in Montana:

A property crime occurs every 23 minutes in Montana, the MBCC reports and includes:

One burglary every 3 hours

One larceny every 26 minutes, and

One motor vehicle theft every 5 hours.

Other Crimes in Montana:

Larceny- The number one crime in Montana is larceny with over 39,000 arrests made for the charges.

Driving under the influence- In 2014, over 10,000 motorists in Montana were accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol data from the MBCC shows.

Drug violations- Drug offenses in Montana totaled 13,890, making it the third most common criminal offenses in Montana.


Federal crimes

If you have been charged with a federal crime, you need to act fast and retain a criminal defense lawyer in Montana. Federal crimes such as drug trafficking, wire fraud or identity theft carry tougher penalties than state charges, so you need the best possible defense.


Why Should I Fight My Criminal Charges?

The consequences of a criminal conviction are plentiful and far-reaching. The legal penalties often include imprisonment and high fines.

An arrest record will affect your employment and can make it difficult to find a decent job with good pay. Many employers are reluctant to hire anyone with a criminal record. An arrest can also affect a person’s ability to get into a college of their choice and obtain financial aid.


Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Montana?

You should hire a criminal defense attorney because they can help you make smart decisions about your criminal charges. A defense attorney is educated and has the litigation experience and can be a benefit to your case. If you want a hard to beat defense, your legal counsel needs time to investigate, collect evidence and speak with witnesses. There is an extensive list of things a lawyer can do to help you avoid a criminal conviction.

As soon after your arrest, as you are able, you need to contact a defense attorney and set up a consultation. They will look at the facts of your case and determine what plea you should enter. Our legal team can help you bail out of jail and negotiate a plea bargain. Don’t wait to get legal assistance. If you wait, you could be at risk of being jailed, fined and left with a criminal record.

Montana Criminal Courts:

Justice Court-Criminal Division

217 N 27th St, Billings, MT 59101

Phone:(406) 256-2890


US Court Clerk

201 E Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59802

Phone:(406) 542-7260