Michael Worthington who was sentenced to death for raping and killing a college student in 1995 was put to death on Wednesday. According to the Missouri Department of Corrections he is the seventh inmate to be executed this year. The execution took place after the US Supreme Court and Governor of Missouri rejected the appeal for clemency by Worthington’s criminal defense lawyers.

It is about time!

This was the first US execution after the prolonged execution of convicted murderer Joseph R. Wood III in Arizona last month that raised many questions and calls for an end to the death penalty from liberals and people who feel sorry for criminals who kill the innocent. Missouri officials pronounced Worthington dead at 12:11 am at the state prison after administering a lethal injection allegedly without any complications like the Arizona incident.

Hundreds of thousands of hard core gangsters in America

Many people believe there would not be any complications if two shots were fired into the heart. The best way to kill someone is by 2 shots to the heart and many people who have lost a loved one to a violent and selfish person believe America should be putting about 30 people down every day (America’s prisons are too crowded). As long as they are clearly guilty, not just one eye witness for instance. The trigger would be pulled by several correction officers with a device that would fire 2 rounds to the psycho’s heart. Only one of the triggers pulled by the correction officers would actually be connected to the gun.

Worthington was sentenced to death for raping and killing 24 year old Melinda Griffin at her condominium in Lake St. Louis during a burglary attempt. His criminal defense attorneys cited three botched executions in Arizona, Ohio and Columbia in an attempt to stay the execution. However, the 43 year old accused knew he wasn’t likely to be spared and told news reporters that he had accepted his fate, hoping to ‘wake up in a better place’ after his execution. If he did not confess to a priest then he will not be waking up in a better place.

No Responsibility

However, he expressed bitterness, stating that the courts did not seem to care about right or wrong anymore. While that was his personal opinion his criminal defense lawyers also questioned the court about the secrecy involving the composition of the lethal injection used in executions in Missouri.

2 Shots to the Heart = 10 Seconds

Earlier in January, an inmate sentenced to death in Ohio gasped for almost half an hour before taking his last breath during his execution. Later in April, an Oklahoma inmate had a heart attack 43 minutes after being administered a lethal dose while Joseph R. Wood III’s Arizona execution is one of the longest recorded in history. It took nearly two hours for the accused to die after gasping more than 600 times. Most executions are not expected to last more than 10 to 15 minutes.


Criminals Showed no Remorse to the Victims

Missouri officials started using pentobarbital for executions since late last year, where inmates have shown no obvious signs of distress after being administered a lethal dose. The drug is also used in Texas, which is often given to patients that suffer from convulsions and seizures. While both these states procure versions of pentobarbital from compounding pharmacies, they have failed to reveal the name of the drug suppliers, leading to a series of lawsuits. Midazolam, a drug to relax patients prior to surgery, is one of the ingredients of a two- or three-part lethal injection used in Oklahoma, Ohio, and Arizona.

Worthington pleaded guilty and was sentenced to death in 1998. In his confession, he admitted to choking Griffin into submission and raped her. When she gained consciousness he strangled her to death, stole her jewelry and credit cards, which he used to support his drug habit. DNA tests provided evidence of the killer’s involvement in the slaying. There are over a dozen prisoners on death row who have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the state’s lethal injection protocols. What credibility do they have though?

The US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in St. Louis is set to conduct a hearing on Sept. 9th.