Not many people have life stories that read like twisted movie screenplays. Eccentric millionaire Robert Durst does. Not only has he managed to come clean in a Galveston murder charge, he also has more skeletons in his closet than you could count. In a recent bizarre twist in the tale, he has been accused of urinating on a cash register and store candy display at CVS in Houston.

Criminal Charges

Durst will have to hire criminal defense lawyers once again. This time they will have to defend him against charges of criminal mischief, which is a misdemeanor. If convicted, he stands to spend up to a year in jail in addition to paying a $2,000 fine. His criminal defense lawyers will have to present a defense in a case that accuses Durst of exposing himself and urinating on the cash register and candy display at a CVS store on Kirby Drive near Rice Boulevard in Houston, Texas.

As per the reports released by the Houston Police Department, it is believed that Durst walked into the CVS store at 12.15 pm on Sunday. After buying prescription drugs, Durst proceeded to urinate inside the CVS store. There were no signs of provocation of any kind. Cool as a cucumber, once Durst was done, he zipped up and was seen walking out of the store.

Not His First

This will not be the first time that Durst will have to hire criminal defense lawyers to defend him. He has been accused of murder in the past. During that case, his criminal defense lawyers insisted that Durst shot, killed, and chopped the dead body of a 71 year old neighbor in an act of self-defense. This case was brought against him in 2003 and his criminal defense lawyers managed to get him acquitted of murder. However, he was sentenced to 5 concurrent terms for evidence tampering and bond jumping. Durst only served one of these terms.

Robert Durst is an actual sociopath.

Durst is a Sociopath & a Disgusting Human Being

He has also been the prime suspect in the disappearance of his first wife but was never charged in that case. That particular part of his life has been immortalized in a movie starring Hollywood film star Ryan Gosling. Durst is also under the radar of FBI agents from Los Angeles who have been investigating the gruesome murder of the sister of a mobster Susan Berman.

It is believed that Berman was a close friend and confidante to Durst. She was about to be questioned by the authorities in conjunction to Durst’s wife’s disappearance. But before the authorities could get to her, someone else did. Berman was found dead after being shot in the back of her head.

The millionaire has not been charged in any of these cases as yet and therefore, has not needed his criminal defense lawyers to defend him. The case brought against him by CVS, however, will require him to appear in court on the appointed date. A bond amount is being decided upon.