Pastor David Diehl is how many referred to him just a few months ago, but to the courts, he now identifies as criminal David Diehl, the man who attempted to meet up with an 11-year-old for sex. Going back to November, Diehl was a pastor at the Church of Fire in Grand Rapids with his wife but made the mistake of going online and looking for something he had no business searching for. He found himself on Craigslist looking into an ad that had been posted by “Daddy Dave”[ Source:]. While he was under the impression that this was an ad where he could pay to have sex with an underage girl, the posting was actually a sting operation being run by state police detective Matthew McLanin.

“Daddy Dave” posed as a father who was attempting to prostitute his daughters. Diehl let his interests get the best of him when he decided to send a message to the “Craigslist member” asking for his phone number. The detective gave Diehl his number to see if he would follow through with a request. And he did. Diehl texted “Daddy Dave” asking “about the possibility of meeting his 11-year-old daughter for sex.” Obviously, things didn’t go as planned for the former pastor once he committed to meeting up. He had been caught in the sting operation and was faced with charges for the crime he intended on committing.

Diehl’s case was taken before a judge on January 11, 2018, where he stated to the judge that “all in all, I’m a good person.” But, it wasn’t the judge’s job to determine how good or bad Diehl was, rather, it was his job to punish those who commit a crime. And Diehl did, in fact, have the intent to meet up with an 11-year-old girl. “Diehl admitted there was a strong possibility he would have met with Daddy Dave for the purpose of having sex with the 11-year-old girl if there was zero chance of Diehl being arrested by police or having to go to jail,” according to the detective who was behind the sting operation.

Now, Diehl is looking at spending 60 days in jail and four years on probation. He is also prohibited from using any device that connects to the internet while serving his probation sentence. The judge overseeing the case chose this punishment simply because “the type of crime Diehl involved himself in allowed him to “express (his) most lurid desire…within the quiet confines of his home.” Perhaps Diehl was given such a short sentence seeing that he had enlisted the help of a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer.

The truth is, there are many individuals in society who find themselves mixed up in things they have no business being involved in. This pastor let his desires get the best of him and he acted on them. That in return has led to him losing his position as pastor, having a criminal charge on his record, and forced to serve the consequences given.


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