The case involving former police officer Michael Slager has been ongoing for years now, although it has finally come to an end. A federal judge overhearing the case sentenced Slager to 20 years in prison for shooting and killing an unarmed black man, Walter Scott, back in 2015, according to ABC 4 News.

The charges stem from a routine traffic stop conducted by Slager. According to the news source, he had pulled Scott’s vehicle over when he noticed it had a broken brake light. When Slager proceeded to conduct the traffic stop as any other officer would, Scott ran away from his vehicle. Why? He had a family court bench warrant for unpaid child support. Rather than get arrested right there on the spot, he attempted to flee the scene to avoid being placed in handcuffs.



Although Slager was right for pulling Scott over, he took his authority to the next level when he began to chase him. The chase turned in a tussle and the tussle turned into Scott being shot in the back five times. The fact that Scott was running away and was unarmed didn’t work in Slager’s favor. While he claimed he was fearful for his life as he thought Scott took hold of his stun gun, a video shows Slager moving his stun gun that lay where they first went down to the ground next to Scott’s lifeless body. That is the reason Slager claims he shot his weapon eight times at the unarmed suspect.  Not only was Slager guilty of obstructing justice, but now he had a murder case on his hands.


What Penalties was Slager Originally Looking At?


While the sentencing ranges between 19-24 years in prison for second-degree murder, give that Slager has no prior criminal history, his sentence would lie somewhere between those numbers. And today, it was determined what that number would be, 20. Although this is the sentence Slager is up against, he does have two weeks to appeal the sentence. With the help of his criminal defense attorney, he may stand a chance at seeing a different outcome given he decides to appeal, however, no further news has been reported as to whether he intends to do so.


The Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer


One of the reasons why Slager’s case has gone on for the length of time that it has is because not only was he an officer of the law, but he was being represented by a defense lawyer who had his best interest. Individuals who are suspected of committing a crime or even charged with committing an offense should always obtain legal representation to ensure their rights are being exercised.

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