Roy, WA- For a week, the residents of a small Washington town were terrified by a young man tweaked out of his mind who broke into their homes, demanding food, clothing and rides. Now that man is in custody, and is facing 14 counts ranging from kidnapping to criminal trespassing so needless to say this young man is going to need a superb criminal defense attorney.

Court documents obtained by Vocativ detail the ordeal residents of Roy endured when 23 year-old George Jacobson took LSD and spent a week prowling around town. Jacobson later said he was on a “spiritual journey,” but he left some residents so spooked they weren’t ready to speak with the media.

It all started on September 26 when a farmer found Jacobson is his barn carrying a “single black boot.” When the farmer confronted Jacobson, he dropped to his knees and put his hands up, Vocativ reported. The farmer then threatened to sic his dogs on Jacobson so the young man fled, but his spree was just beginning.

Shortly after that, Jacobson showed up another house, stole a gun from one of the bedrooms, and held the woman at gunpoint, all the while complaining about her mean neighbor and his dogs. The woman finally asked what he wanted. He demanded a glass of water, and reminded her not to call the police.

The woman’s husband intervened and drove Jacobson off their property with the strong warning not to return only to later discover Jacobson had stolen their gun.

According on Vocativ, Jacobson disappeared for few days which he later told police he spent walking to two nearby towns. He then returned to Roy on Oct. 3rd, where he resumed his crime spree.

Back in Roy, Jacobson rummaged through a person’s car and when startled by the owner fled, leaving behind a cache of stolen knives. He then broke into another person’s house where he knocked down an elderly woman living inside and stole her car.

He ditched that car, broke into another person’s house, and at gunpoint demanded clothing and a ride to Ranier–about 8 miles away. The man obliged, and while on the drive, Jacobson asked the man to stop at McDonalds because he was thirsty.

After he was in police custody, Jacobson admitted to a preference for methamphetamines, but told police he had taken acid/LSD a week earlier and had been experiencing blackouts ever since. According to the police report, Jacobson has little recall of his crime spree, telling police he remembered taking the car and getting a ride to McDonald’s from a nice man.

Jacobson is facing a litany of charges—14 in total—which include robbery, burglary, kidnapping, theft of a firearm, criminal trespassing and vehicle prowling, Vocativ reported.

With such an extensive list of charges, Jacobson is going to need a strong defense, otherwise he will be spending serious time behind bars. A criminal defense attorney knows how to negotiate for a plea bargain or build a court case, giving their clients the opportunity to minimize the consequences of their charges or avoid conviction altogether.