As some patients find themselves in need of certain medications to aid them back to wellness, others find themselves requiring the use of medical marijuana to treat their condition. And with all the new laws being enacted in regards to the use of marijuana, criminal defense attorneys in Michigan find themselves involved in cases where a person has been wrongfully charged for the possession of medical marijuana, even though they are legally granted permission to use it.

Though there are limits and restrictions, it is possible to obtain marijuana in small portions for medical purposes in different states. While it is still considered a “drug,” there are instances where those who use the product for medical purposes rather than abuse it for its affects can still be targeted by authorities and find themselves facing criminal charges. One family finally saw a positive light shine through in their mishap involving criminal charges as an Ottawa County Circuit judge dismissed Max Lorincz from the wrongful felony charges placed against him.

Fox 17 News shared Max Lorincz’s story on January 22, 2016, who battled with the court system for 16 long months for an unlawful charge he was urged to plea guilty for. As a medical marijuana patient, Lorincz allegedly had synthetic THC in his possession, which is what lead to his charged offense, and the loss of custody of his six-year-old son Dante. Thankfully, he was able to obtain a determined Michigan criminal defense lawyer to aid in his case, which ultimately was thrown out simply because the judge indicated there was no proof that what Lorincz had in his possession was not in fact marijuana.

Lab reports claimed he had a “smear” of THC, which is a “psychoactive ingredient in marijuana,” and was facing the burden of a 2-year felony charge for having this synthetic pot in his possession.

When innocent individuals fall victim to being unjustifiably accused of an infraction of the law, not only do they then have to worry about hiring a reputable criminal defense legal representative who possess the skills to prove the innocence of their client and possibly have the charges removed, but think about the repercussions these victims have to face for this unjust treatment?

In this instance with Lorincz, he is at a loss for all the expenses he had to pay out in order to be given the opportunity to fight this case with the legal support of a Michigan criminal defense lawyer, but even worse, he now has a much harsher battle to deal with, and that is obtaining custody of his son who was taken away because of this false allegation.

If you know you abide by the law and comply with all the regulations set forth when it comes to the use of medical marijuana, but still find yourself with criminal charges hanging over your head, reach out to a Michigan criminal defense attorney who will not stand for less than success when it comes to the outcome of your case.