McAllen area teens could possibly be charged with crimes related to illegal drug possession

Drug possession is a common kind of criminal charge, and even young people may be arrested for this crime while they are still juveniles.

News for the McAllen, Texas area reported on the illegal use and distribution of Xanax among a large number of minors in the area at several high schools.

Many high school students can easily get their hands on illegal Xanax

A report showed that students in grades 7 through 12 were getting their hands on the pills illegally throughout the Rio Grande Valley. This was especially concerning when studies have revealed that the use of the drug increases with age, making use at a very young age especially problematic. Some stories about how young people got addicted to the drug included athletes and others who had legitimate prescriptions for painkillers for short term use, but began to substitute with Xanax as those ran out. Part of what made Xanax use so attractive was its availability at schools in the area. Most transactions cost in the ten to twenty dollar range, making it affordable for young people even if they are not working.

One region reported 160 incidents of students found with Xanax within a year. McAllen’s schools reported 16 incidents where the drug was involved in some way. Some students were caught carrying marijuana or Xanax in school supplies that had been rigged to be used as drug containers. Officers warned that canines could still pick up the scent of the drug in containers, and possession of illegal drugs will put them behind bars. Counselors who work with the schools said they had treated drug users who were as young as 13 years old in recent years.

Xanax is a depressant that is normally prescribed to people who have legitimate issues sleeping or controlling their anxiety. The federal government regulates the drug under Schedule IV of the Controlled Substances Act.

Parents were warned that there have been cases of overdoses and deaths related to Xanax around the United States. This is especially true if the drug has been laced with Fentanyl. An overdose can put a young person in a coma or even kill them.

Charges filed by the state against juveniles

While juveniles may not be charged as adults for drug crimes, they can still face serious penalties that will affect their transition into adulthood. Distribution of any controlled substance is a felony in the state of Texas, which means the suspect can face at least a year in jail or longer. Criminal charges against high school students can also affect their prospects of attending college or landing jobs after graduation.

Defending against drug charges

Drug possession cases can be difficult for the state to prove in some situations. There may have been multiple people present where the drugs were found or sold, and people in the area are often charged with constructive possession. Keep in mind that any criminal charge needs to be proven beyond all reasonable doubt, or the defendant must be released.

Get assistance from a local lawyer after being charged with a crime

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