Ronald Lee Haskell is a 33 year old mass murderer who systematically gunned down his ex-wife’s family members because he was angry at them for having facilitated his divorce with his wife. The murder which took place in Texas on Wednesday showed ‘elements of planning’ according to the prosecution’s lawyers. One would think a hateful murderer like Haskell would have a stoic countenance while listening to details of his own crime.

Instead, Raskell fainted in court and had to be carried away in a wheelchair by the Sherriff’s deputies. The criminal defense lawyers for the case have already said that the murder was a gruesome act perpetrated by someone not in his right frame of mind. The collapsing act sure seems to prove so, but will it be enough to get Haskell off the noose?

Most sane people say no and others believe if he is crazy that is even more of a reason they should either be locked up indefinitely or given the death penalty.

Murder and some careful planning

Haskell was angry at his ex-wife’s sister and husband for facilitating the rift and subsequent divorce between them, and his plan for exacting revenge was executed on Wednesday when Haskell dressed up as a FedEx delivery man and went to his wife’s sister’s Texas home. The door was opened by Cassidy Stay, the teenage daughter of Katie Stay (sister to Haskell’s ex-wife) and Stephen Stay.

The teenager initially did not recognize her own uncle, and opened the door for him. It was only after Haskell brandished a gun and told him who he was that Cassidy recognized her mistake.

Later, Haskell asked her to bring all the children down to the living room. Haskell then tied up all the kids as they lay on the floor. He then waited for Katie and Stephen to return from their trip to the bank, and when the entire family was together and tied down, he fired two bullets into each of them and methodically proceeded to wipe out the entire family of seven.


No more freedom

One of the children died after being air-lifted to a hospital, and Cassidy survived the fatal shootout despite a bullet to her head. She was the one who called the police after the shootout. Cassidy also told the police that her uncle was on the way to more of his wife’s relatives houses in his quest to meet her and may kill them too. Police apprehended Haskell before he could kill more people, and have been holding him without bond in a Texas jail.

Court to judge shooter’s mental capacity

Haskell’s criminal defense lawyers have said that their client has a history of mental illness and has been to many hospitals in Utah and California. They also said that Haskell was not taking his medicine at the time of the killing. Haskell’s criminal defense lawyers will attempt to prove to a Texas grand jury that the killing was result of Haskell’s mental incapacity.

Ronald Haskell faces charges of capital murder which carries with it a death penalty in the state of Texas. The grand jury may not be very convinced with Haskell’s collapsing act in the court and his plea of mental illness. Despite the best efforts of the criminal defense lawyers a harsh sentence, which will be justly deserved, seems to be the right route to take.

Some criminal minds believe America should have a fast track court. Cases that are this obvious and heinous, the guilty should be speedily moved through court and executed in a matter of weeks. It is quite obvious this person is guilty.