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Maine doesn’t have a high crime rate compared to other states, but the state has a problem with drugs and the crimes related to drug use including property crimes. Thousands of people are charged with a crime each year in Maine, and they all have a right to fight those charges.


Frequent Crimes in Maine


USAttorneys will share some important statistics about crime in the Pine Tree State from the FBI:

Property crime rate in Maine- 127.8 property crimes per 100,000 residents.

National average- 375.5 property crimes per 100,000 people.

A property crime involves taking another person’s money or property without using threats or force. According to the FBI, property crimes include:




Auto theft


Violent crime rate in Bangor and Penobscot County per the FBI-76.9 per 100,000

Violent crime rate in Portland and South Portland- 127.6 per 100,000

Violent crimes include:

Aggravated assault






Drug crime facts according to Maine Department of Public Safety:

78.8 percent of adults arrested for a drug crime are charged with possession.

21.2 percent of adult drug arrest involve selling or manufacturing.

87.1 percent of juveniles with drug charges are arrested for possession.

Overall drug arrests are rising.


Other crimes in Maine:

Driving under the Influence- Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the most common charges individuals in the U.S. face each year. There are harsh penalties for impaired driving.

Weapons charges- As of October 2015, residents are not required to get a concealed carry permit for a handgun under Public Law 2015, Chapter 327 (LD 652). There are some places, a concealed gun is not allowed, for a complete list visit

Domestic violence- Domestic violence accounts for an average of 45 percent of arrests in 2010. Domestic violence charges are serious and carry harsh penalties.

State of Maine Domestic Violence Resources: call toll free at 1.800.871.7741 or visit

Probation violation-

Federal crimes

Federal crimes including drug trafficking, federal gun charges, wire fraud or probation offenses have much tougher penalties than state charges. If you are facing federal charges, you must have a defense strategy of you could spend significant time in jail and be required to pay costly fines and


What are the consequences of criminal conviction in Maine?


There is a long list of consequences associated with a criminal conviction in Maine aside from the legal penalties.

For one, your criminal record may make it difficult for you to find a job after you are released from jail or probation. Many employers in Maine do a criminal background check on anyone they consider hiring and may be reluctant to hire someone arrested or convicted of a crime. A criminal conviction can also affect college or university admissions and make it difficult to rent or purchase a home.

After you arrest, you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Maine immediately. Our accomplished team of accident attorneys will be working on your defense, so you have a greater chance of avoiding a criminal conviction.