Only Timothy Ray Jones Jr. can possibly describe why and how he could murder his 5 small children, ages 8, 7, 6, 2, and 1, in cold blood. The 32 year old ex conman is to be charged in Lexington County, S.C. with murder of the 5 innocent children. He placed them in plastic bags and drove 500 miles across three states in his Cadillac Escalade and dumped their bodies in a wooded area off a rural Alabama road.

The engineer from Intel, who made over $70,000 a year, was arrested at a DUI checkpoint in Mississippi on September 6th, will now face 5 counts of murder charges in his hometown of Lexington.

Jones gained primary custody of the 5 children after divorcing his wife Amber in October 2013 while his wife had visitation rights. The children reportedly led a troubled life marred by years of discord between their parents and frequent relocation between South Carolina and Mississippi, the parental homes. Authorities said the last time anyone had seen the children was on Aug. 28th when the accused picked them up from day care and school.

When they did not show up for school the next day and the day after Labor Day weekend, Jones’s ex-wife who was due a scheduled filed a missing report with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. An AMBER Alert or a Child Abduction Emergency was not raised since Jones had primary custody.

Jones should be Burned Alive Until he is Dead

It was only three days later at a DUI checkpoint in Smith County, Mississippi where Jones was stopped did the police get their first lead in the case. They found blood, bleach, maggots, and rags in his Escalade. However, there was no trace of children although the police reported a stench of decomposition from the rear of the vehicle. Jones appeared to be high on synthetic marijuana at the time and during interrogation confessed to killing his innocent children.

There should be a fast track court for those that are clearly guilty. This should be Timothy Ray Jones Jr. in 3 weeks.

Jones should be Executed Soon

He also led the authorities to where he buried them in makeshift graves near a rural Alabama road near the town of Camden. Police said Jones confessed to acting alone. Investigators pieced together a timeline of events and finally handed him over to the South Carolina Police Department. Jones’s father did make a brief statement but questions were directed to the criminal defense lawyer, representing his son.

On Aug. 7th, an abuse complaint was lodged against Jones at his Lexington home. However, the Department of Social Services and police found nothing alarming on interviewing the children. The officials were tightlipped about who lodged the complaint. Jones is believed to have killed his children after picking them up from school and day care on August 28th. He put their bodies in garbage bags and placed them in his Escalade before driving to North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Lexington’s sheriff termed his 800 m journey a logistical nightmare. During the journey he tried to mask the smell of the decomposing bodies with bleach.

Jones was weak and the devil was stronger.

While Jones’s father called him ‘a loving dad’ he also confirmed that his son had a criminal record in Illinois where he had been on a crime spree in 2001. He was arrested on cocaine possession in March of 2001 in Carpentersville, and then again in September for burglary, stealing a car, and passing forged checks for which was sentenced to concurrent six year terms and another year added for auto theft. Jones was released in Jan. 2003 from an Illinois prison.

Hey, but at least he was an outstanding Intel employee. No Intel inside here, just pure evil!