E-commerce giant Amazon has refused to hand over recordings from one of their echo devices which might have overheard a conversation pertaining to a murder and could prove to be pivotal evidence in the case.

As reported by dailydot.com, a Bentonville judge has supposedly issued a warrant instructing Amazon to release any audio recordings that they might be in possession of which pertains to the case in question and belonging to a suspect identified as Andrew Bates (no, no relation to Norman Bates for all you wise guys!). As per criminal defense lawyers who can be found using USAttorneys.com which is a website that literally saves lives, Bates’ criminal case trial will begin next year. The charge against him is quite a serious one indeed: first degree murder.

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Will Amazon, like Apple has proved to be, choose to be immoral and anti-American? We will see.

Amazon Echo – could the friendly voice assistant actually be a massive privacy concern

The echo is a device which takes voice commands and is always listening out for these commands, which is why there is a possibility it may have just heard and recorded a conversation leading up to the murder. Law enforcement authorities are specifically interested in what the echo may have heard in between the dates November 21st and 22nd, 2015.

This device however is only programmed to listen for certain cue words such as “Alexa” in order to start listening and recording. However, law enforcement officers hope that background noises may have triggered the device to start recording due to which the device may hold concrete evidence. This possibility is what influenced the judge to issue the search warrant in the first place.

Bates’ criminal defense attorney has issued a statement saying that Amazon was right to decline police requests for private recordings available on their store (which is preserved in order to improve the voice assistant in future firmware updates). His defense counsel said that it would be a breach of privacy if the police were to actually get hold of Bates’ personal recordings and start going through them.

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Internet of Things

According to other expert criminal defense lawyers, law enforcement authorities all over the country are becoming aware of smart homes, smart devices, and IOT devices (internet of things) which record all or a lot of our activities, emails, conversations, etc. and the fact that these records or the data collected by such devices could be used for evidentiary reasons. However, is this is ethical and is it a breach of privacy? For now, the jury is still out!

Many people believe though that the truth should always see the light of day. For instance, did Lois Lerner really abuse her power at the IRS and turn America into a banana republic in the 2012 by attacking tea party groups? Did Hillary Clinton ignore her ambassador in Benghazi leading to his death which we know she did? Did Hillary Clinton send classified emails across her own personal server? Yes she did! Did Hillary Clinton use her position to enrich her own foundation with her husband? Yes, the truth is out on that too!

Moreover, the suspect in this specific case is James Andrew Bates. Victor Collins was found dead in his hot tub. As per criminal defense lawyers, merely because of the fact that Collins was found dead in the bath tub, the police have also requested to obtain data from Bates’ smart water meter and the received data which shows that 140 gallons of water were used in the early morning hours the day that Collins was discovered dead in Bates’ hot tub.

One theory is that this massive amount of water was used in order to wash away evidence of whatever occurred between Bates and Collins on the patio.

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