When you think about the Mob, what comes to mind? For many, the Mob conjures up images of early 20th century gangsters, notorious Mafia leaders, and ruthless crime bosses like Al Capone, Lester Joseph “Baby Face Nelson” Gillis, and George Clarence Moran, better known as “Bugs”. Heck, you may even picture Al Pacino or Robert De Niro in one of their infamous roles.

The list can go on and on, yet, it’s pretty safe to say that soccer isn’t going to be one of those things you would likely connect with the Mob. Who associates soccer with the Mob, anyway? Well, the Las Vegas Mob Museum sure does, and it’s getting ready to launch a brand new, eye-opening exhibit featuring none other the internationally recognized football association, FIFA.

FIFA has been in the spotlight as of late, and not for gigantic fan base or world-renowned players. Back in May, the U.S. Justice Department indicted nine FIFA officials (both current and former) along with five sports marketing executives for their alleged participation in a whopping 24-year, $150 million bribery scheme.

When news of FIFA’s suspected corruption made headlines, the world was left in a state of shock. And come September, the not-so-wholesome extracurricular activities of these FIFA officials will be immortalized and put on public display for all to see and gawk at in Las Vegas at the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, which many endearingly refer to as the “Mob Museum.”

The Museum announced it will open a permanent exhibit next month entirely devoted to the scandalous transgressions of FIFA “mobsters.” Among the plethora of intriguing artifacts and memorabilia, the exhibit is slated to showcase a collection of news articles, photos, and other fascinating relics highlighting FIFA’s unscrupulous transgressions.

Visitors will undoubtedly get a kick (pun intended) while perusing the exhibit and delving into the secrets and devious criminal practices that the association kept hidden from the world for so long. Whether you are already well-versed in FIFA’s “mafia-type” indiscretions or are just starting to learn about the association’s offenses, you’ll definitely leave the museum with a PhD in all things “Mob” and gain a whole new appreciation for the criminal justice system.

As for those unfortunate individuals who engaged in FIFA’s laundry list of illegal activities (bribery, match fixing, and countless other erroneous deeds), well, let’s just hope they have a stellar criminal defense team on their side.

Though the types of acts that FIFA suspects have been accused of are on the more extreme end of the crime spectrum, similar offenses like money laundering and racketeering can land even a first-time offender in jail – especially in Las Vegas, where the rate of money-related crimes is high. In order to ensure the best outcome for a case, it’s critical for anyone being accused of an offense to retain the services of a top criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas.

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