According to the 5th amendment in the U.S. Constitution, anyone being investigated for a crime has the right to remain silent. This means that when a person is being interrogated by police officers, they can exercise silence for the most part so they do not end up making a statement that can be used against them later. Even if a person is innocent of the crime, they may make the mistake of accidentally saying something that implies they are guilty.

When police officers are interrogating a person, they often try to lock a certain statement down so they can claim the person was a prime suspect or that they were guilty of committing the crime. The best way to prevent getting into such a situation is to remain silent until a criminal defense attorney is present to guide a person through the legalities of their case.

Police investigations should never be taken lightly and anyone who is confronted by officers should make sure they have a lawyer on their side to help them with the process, so they are not compelled to face unnecessary charges.

How long do criminal cases last in Largo, Florida?

Many different factors contribute to the length of one’s criminal case. The more complicated the crime and the more people affected, the longer the case will generally take.

Some important points that will affect how long a person’s case takes include:

  • A person’s criminal history
  • The county they reside in
  • Whether the crime was a felony or misdemeanor

A qualified criminal defense attorney can help a person through the legal process, so their case does not take an exceptionally long time and so matters turn out in their favor by as much as possible based on the details of the case.

A simple misdemeanor crime might be resolved in a few weeks or months whereas a serious felony can even take a year to complete. However, if a plea offer is made early on, then the case may not last a long time and can even be resolved early depending on how reasonable the settlement agreement is.

Whether a person is guilty or not guilty, they should make sure they hire a competent attorney who can represent their case with their best interests in mind. Get in touch with a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Trevena Pontrello today to get help with a criminal defense case.

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