Facing arrest is always intimidating, and it becomes even more nerve-wracking when a person least expects it. After a confrontation with officers, individuals should make sure they take the necessary legal steps to ensure their protection. If a person does not defend themselves properly and they fail to follow the rules of the court, they can end up making their situation much worse and facing more serious penalties.

All crimes lead to a person developing a criminal record. Once a person has a criminal record, it can become difficult to get prestigious jobs, and a person may even be barred from some educational programs because of their criminal past. However, in some circumstances, a person may be able to have their record sealed or expunged.

When a person gets their records expunged, then it means that all the government agencies who spoke with them during the arrest must destroy the records that detail the arrest.  Once this is completed, a person can legally deny they were arrested, and it is as if the arrest did not happen. An expungement is an option for anyone who has never sealed or expunged their record before. It’s also an option for those who haven’t been convicted of any criminal charges and are not under any court supervision.

If a person gets their record sealed, it’s slightly different. A sealed record still exists but it is under seal and a person can not access the record without a court order. If a person successfully manages to seal their record for ten years, they can go forward and try to have it expunged as well.

Sometimes a person cannot seal or expunge their record unless the State Attorney‘s Office declines to prosecute and they drop the charge by filing a Nolle Prosequi.

When to reach out to a criminal defense attorney in Largo, Florida

The legalities behind sealing and expunging a record can become extremely complicated. Anyone who decides to take this route to protect their privacy and their future should get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer to get help with their case.

The advice of a professional attorney can make all the difference in securing the success of a person’s case. They can provide a person with the support they need along with giving them the proper legal advice, so they increase their chances of having their record properly sealed and expunged.

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