Just a few days after reports emerged explaining that rising crime rates have plagued downtown Los Angeles, further incidents have befallen the “City of Angels,” prompting local law enforcement to take drastic measures.

City news reports show that violent crimes are increasing across all of Los Angeles, especially within the last 36 hours. Local officials have confirmed that an L.A. security guard was shot at least five times on Thursday night after a fight broke out in South Los Angeles. The fight allegedly happened in the 1200 block of E. 24th Street.

The crime marks the second shooting to occur in the area within just a few hours of each other. The previous incident involved the fatal shooting of a suspected gang member near 50th and Wall streets in broad daylight, just shy of 3 PM, as the victim was driving his SUV.

After being shot, the victim lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a house. Shortly after, the vehicle exploded into flames. Two L.A. police officers who attempted to save the victim were wounded and required hospitalization.

As if that wasn’t enough violence for one week, the previous day, another fatal shooting was reported at a gang member’s funeral.

The incidents have led LAPD authorities to deploy roughly 100 officers from their top metropolitan units to a number of neighborhoods where crime is especially prevalent, including the Newton Division.

Police hope that by increasing the number of on-call officers, further crimes can be avoided.

“We are paying extra attention to the areas in the event that they are related, we can be there to hopefully prevent it,” said LAPD Capt. George Rodriguez.

Tony Moreno, a 32-year LAPD veteran who retired in 2007, is on board with the move.

“The community does really need officers, and it is more officers in this situation, the safer the community,” said Moreno, who discusses local crime and authority efforts in his latest book, titled “Cops in America.”

In his book, Moreno highlights the need for greater law enforcement deployment and how numerous police departments have been hesitant to increase task forces following recent anti-police movements, such as the riots that erupted after the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri back in 2014, an unarmed 18-year-old African American teen who was fatally shot by a white police officer in Ferguson.

According to Moreno, it’s the law-abiding citizens who take on the brunt of the effects.

“You have gangs, gang members feeling like they’re taking over the community and when that happens, the silent majority, they suffer,” said Moreno. “The law-abiding citizens suffer, so you got to have a police presence out there.”

Needless to say, with a surge in the number of police units being deployed across Los Angeles, residents should also take care to watch out for their own rights, especially if they are accused of a crime.

When tensions are high, people can often be mistakenly accused of committing an offense. Luckily, a criminal defense lawyer in California, who knows and understands the laws protecting residents, can ensure an individual’s rights are not violated.