Hundreds of motorists plead guilty to drunk driving charges without the slightest idea of how their lives could change dramatically over the months and years to come. Therefore, Michigan DUI lawyers always recommend that anyone charged with driving under the influence seek legal help to evaluate possible defenses to their drunk driving charge.

The Consequences of a DUI Conviction

For the most part, a Michigan DUI charge is a criminal offense that can lead to heavy penalties, jail time from a few days to years, and suspension of the offender’s driving license. Then again, there is the possibility of monthly drug screens, fines to the tune of $1,000 and more, at least two years of probation, and a permanent criminal record.

Therefore, pleading guilty in haste is not really a viable solution even in the least serious offense. A ‘let’s get over with it’ attitude can in reality cause more damage than benefits. This is beyond shooting yourself in the foot. On top of this, it is totally unwarranted since you can find effective and incredible legal help right here.

According to Michigan DUI attorneys, there are several key defenses that offenders may be able to put up in order to avoid potentially lengthy jail time and suspension of their driving license. Prior to going to court it is essential to seek legal counsel to thoroughly evaluate possible defense strategies. There is always the chance that one of these may suit your case.


Challenging Breath and Blood Tests

One of the first lines of defense concerns the Datamaster, the breath alcohol test that is used as evidence against a DUI offender in Michigan. The breathalyzer could have malfunctioned or given an inaccurate reading. The breath test is usually preferred by law enforcement since it is an easy test to administer and can be performed by non-medical personnel.

However, there is no doubt that such tests are less reliable than blood tests while there are many ways that standout Michigan DUI lawyers can challenge the accuracy and reliability of the Datamaster.

Other key lines of defense include the fact that breathalyzer tests are conducted later when the BAC level is much higher as the body takes time to absorb alcohol or drugs. In addition, residual mouth alcohol can result in an inaccurate breath test results. In some cases, legal professionals are also able to argue that the police had no reason pull over their client’s vehicle. It is also mandatory to conduct an observation period prior to conducting a breath test, which police fail to do on some occasions.

Other Common Defense Strategies

While there are a few specific indicators that may indicate impairment, it is not always the case. To begin with, the odor of alcohol on a person does not indicate impairment. In addition, glassy or bloodshot eyes are also indicative of fatigue or being in a smoky environment, and not necessarily a sign of impairment.

For the most part, there are several other defense strategies that only a fantastic and judicious Michigan DUI lawyer will be able to use to build your case. Therefore, if you find yourself arrested or charged with DUI, make sure to seek legal counsel before you even think of pleading guilty. There are many factors that could result in your charges being reduced or dismissed.

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