45 year old hip hop music tycoon Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs aka Puff Daddy is recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. According to an ESPN report, he was arrested on a felony charge for an alleged kettlebell rampage at UCLA’s Acosta Athletic Training Complex. The hip hop mogul apparently flexed his muscles for the wrong reasons and is said to have assaulted a coach during a practice session, although the victim’s identity has not yet been disclosed.

yellow ten pound kettle-bell weight, from above


What the huff and puff was all about

One of Combs’ representatives said that the matter has not been reported accurately. Incidentally, Diddy’s son Justin is on the school’s football team and is a redshirt defensive back. The representative said that Comb’s actions were in self-defense and to protect his son who went ahead and thanked his father on Instagram, according to People.com.

The representative also said that the case was likely to be dismissed once the facts are out. UCLA campus police are currently investigating the incident in which no one was said to be seriously injured.

Combs’s son needs his daddy’s help

Video cameras have captured the incident which is said to have taken place in coach Sal Alosi’s office. In an earlier case, Alosi, a former New York Jets staffer, was suspended indefinitely and eventually resigned when he tripped a Miami Dolphins player, Nolan Carroll, near the sideline during a punt return in a game in December 2010. Reports suggest that Alosi is the victim in this incident as well.

Puff daddy posts bail

Reports suggest that Combs posted bail at $50,000 several hours after his arrest and was set free from Los Angeles County jail. According to criminal defense attorneys, Combs was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, which is a felony charge. Two more counts of assault were added, one for battery and the other for making terror threats. The music mogul will make his first appearance in court on July 13th.

Did he, did he not

A NY Post report suggests that Diddy allegedly attacked Alosi because the latter rebuked his son, Justin, during a weight training session. Nevertheless, Combs may need an aggressive criminal defense attorney to back him up especially after being charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Later, Diddy claimed via a statement made on ESPN that the incident was falsely portrayed. TMZ notes that the rapper said he acted in self-defense.

So P. Diddy’s son cannot work out alone?

On the other hand, Alosi claims that he asked Combs to wait when the latter approached him in his office to speak about berating his son Justin. The coach claims Combs grew impatient and got hold of a kettebell, leading to the fracas. However, Diddy’s team has a different story to tell. TMZ reports that Alosi threatened to call security when Diddy refused to budge. The rapper then dialed the police following which Alosi is said to have got infuriated and went after him, forcing Diddy to reach for a kettlebell in defense.

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