Is It Illegal to Run a Marijuana Business in Garfield County, CO?

After the passing of Amendment 64 in 2014, it became legal to sell Marijuana in Colorado. Marijuana is a lucrative business and there have been over 1.5 billion dollars of sales across over one thousand retailers. The competition is actually pretty intense for this business in Colorado and alongside a lot of competition, there are also a lot of rules and legal regulations which marijuana business owners have to follow in order to be safe from potential lawsuits.

Anyone who is looking to open a marijuana business or dealing with a lawsuit regarding their business should call a marijuana business lawyer in Garfield County, CO as soon as the possibly can. Keeping in touch with an attorney who specializes in dealing with legal issues related to marijuana can give a person the insight they require to succeed and grow from the very beginning of their business so they do not run into unnecessary problems later on.

Do I need a license to sell marijuana?

If a person wishes to start a marijuana business it is vital that they complete the extensive licensing requirements which have been put forward by the law. It is vital that a person gets all state and local licenses before they start running their business. If authorities discover a person is operating their business without the appropriate licensing they can be faced with serious fines and other penalties.

It can be easy to forget a step or to miss out on securing essential paperwork in the excitement of starting a new company. Though paperwork may seem like a small issue and a nuisance at the time, it will most certainly come back to haunt a person if they are discovered by the authorities or if a customer decides to sue them.

In order to ensure a person is able to keep running their business safely and without any serious barriers coming in the way they should consider getting the help of a legal professional form when they decide to start their business.  Along with guiding a person on the correct legal route, an attorney can also recommend the types of insurance the business should apply for and give them advice on how to minimize their expenses uses the legal avenues which are available to them.

When should I contact a lawyer?

If a person wants to reap the most benefit, they should hire a lawyer right when they have decided to open their business.  Hiring a lawyer right away gives a person the benefit of getting help with the complicated licensing, learning about the laws and regulations of running such a company, and getting help with all the other legal processes which will naturally come up once their business is up and running. A legal professional can also help a person prepare their exit strategy just in case the need ever does arise. It is always best to be prepared for anything as early on as possible.