New York – October 30, 2020

Penalties and jail.

Driving without a valid driver’s license in New York could land a person in jail. It is actually considered a serious offense and is punishable by a fine of $75.00 to $300.00, or possible fifteen days in jail, and in some cases both a fine and jail time. There are variations to penalties and a criminal traffic attorney can assist with these. For instance, if a person forgets to renew a license within sixty days from expiration, they may be fined as little as $40.00. The exception to driving without a current and valid license is that of driving for the purpose of a motor vehicle road test conducted in accordance with New York laws. Commercial licenses require specific endorsements based on the type of cargo transported and those types of violations may have variations in fines and jail time, depending on the case circumstances, or if accidents occur.

Suspended license.

Driving with a suspended license is more of a legal problem for individuals because they violated driving laws in some manner to have a license suspended, or revoked and are aware of the fact that they should not be operating a motor vehicle. This is called an aggravated unlicensed operation offense and can be considered a misdemeanor and land a person with a criminal record. If a license is suspended due to drug/alcohol related driving violations, a minimum fine could be $500.00 and jail time if convicted. A criminal traffic attorney can be instrumental in working to have these charges reduced. Multiple suspensions have more serious consequences and could carry felony charges resulting in fines of $5,000 and four years in jail. It is best to consult with an attorney to make certain a person’s livelihood is not permanently interrupted for bad decisions.

International driver and new residents.

Persons moving into New York have thirty days to apply for a New York driver’s license, and previously licensed New York drivers have sixty days to renew licenses. Driving with expired licenses can cause a fine of $40.00 at least. Individuals from other countries may drive on their home license only if it is valid, or by carrying an international driving permit.

Speak with a traffic attorney.

An experienced New York defense attorney can answer questions about new licensing, suspended licensing, failure to provide a license when stopped by authorities, and international licensure requirements. An attorney can negotiate on behalf of a client for a reduction in charges, penalties, jail time that may stave off insurance increases and time in court. Contact the Law Offices of Darren DeUrso to discuss case particulars regarding the negative impact of a traffic ticket for driving without a valid New York license, or other breaches in traffic law.

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