Contacting a criminal defense attorney is always a good option for anyone going to court. Even if you intend on pleading guilty, you may have your penalties decreased or you may get more benefits if you have a legal expert who can educate you on your rights and guide you through the legal process.

The good part about working with an attorney is that they will keep all your information completely confidential. They will inform you of your possible defenses and evaluate all the options you have available, whether you choose to plead guilty or not. The earlier on in your case you contact an attorney, the greater your chances are of getting more benefits at the end of your sentencing.

What is the criminal conviction process in Largo, Florida?

If you are convicted of a crime in Largo, Florida, you will have to go to an initial proceeding after your arrest called an arraignment. In this proceeding, the court will announce the charges being placed. You may soon be given the option of bail depending on what sort of a crime you committed.

Bail is the money you deposit to the court that secures your release from jail temporarily. The main purpose of bail is to ensure that you will show up to future court summons.

Someone who is above the age of 18 can bail you out by paying the bail amount and presenting their ID to the court. You also have the option of going with a bail bond company if you do not have the funds to pay yourself and if you do not know anyone else who is willing to bail you out.

You will be called back for court trials and the trials will go on for as long as there is valid evidence to be presented and depending on how serious the allegations being made are. The essential factor to keep in mind at this stage of the conviction process is to try to stay calm and present as much evidence as possible to prove you were not entirely at fault for the crime.

Even if you decide to plead guilty there are a variety of different legal avenues you can opt to pursue that may get you better benefits, such as a more practical bail amount, or a reduction of the legal penalties you were originally going to face for your crime.

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