The family of slain Glendale police Officer Anthony Holly may finally find some closure after his killer Bryan Hulsey was sentenced to death by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Joseph Kreamer. The 40 year old accused allegedly shot Holly in February 2007 during a traffic stop. He was also sentenced to nine years in prison on one count of attempted first degree murder, which will run consecutively with the death sentence.

Why wait?

According to reports from CBS affiliate KPHO, Hulsey apparently applauded the jury for doing a good job while the verdict was being read. Whether he was being sarcastic, which is most likely, or was moved by his inner conscience, Hulsey is now closer to being delivered a lethal injection. Holly’s parents expressed their gratitude for the people who delivered justice in the case although they were reiterated that there was no happiness involved.

It was on Presidents Day in 2007 that Glendale police officer David Goitia pulled over a Kia with three occupants near Camelback Road and 60th Avenue. The officer requested backup as the three got out of the car. Officer Anthony Holly was the first to reach the spot and as he prepared to search Hulsey, the then 33 year old transient from Holbrook, pulled out a .357 Magnum pistol and shot Holly in the face. Incidentally, 14 shots were detected by the city’s gunshot-tracking system. 13 casings were recovered from Goitia’s service pistol. The prosecutor ridiculed the tracking system, terming it unreliable.

Not a Clear Indication on What Happened

Events after that have been disputed by Hulsey’s criminal defense lawyers ever since the trial begun on June 9th. Prosecutors used the eyewitness testimony of Patsy Jones, a passenger along with Hulsey in a bid to prove that that accused shot Holly in the face and then fled after a gun battle with Officer Goitia. Holly allegedly slumped at the back of the Kia and died. Hulsey’s lead criminal defense attorney pointed out contradictory statements made by Patsy Jones and questioned Goitia’s ability to have seen how the action had unfolded since he took up a safe position.

This is not Bryan Hulsey. This dog has remorse and Hulsey is a monster. But AZ did not do what it takes to make this case 100%. They never proved the bullet matched Bryan Hulsey’s gun.

Not 100%

Medical examiners are reported to have preserved Holly’s face for his funeral and did not pull out bullet fragments from the officer’s head during the autopsy (unfortunately many believe this was the wrong direction to take). The shot that killed Holly was never matched to Hulsey’s weapon, a fact that led criminal defense lawyers for the accused to argue that Goitia could have killed Holly in a tragic case of friendly fire. However, the jury did not buy their theory and found Hulsey guilty of first-degree murder for killing Holly and of attempted murder by shooting at Goitia. Ever since the guilty verdict on Aug. 2nd, Hulsey turned away from the jurors and faced the wall every time they entered and left the courtroom.

Hulsey’s outburst at the sentencing portrayed the delusional paranoid schizophrenic side of a man who has spent a life involving drugs, beatings, and contempt for authority. The cruel murderer allegedly never showed any remorse during the past 15 years behind bars. The sentencing brought an end to the four-month trial with Hulsey registered as the 118th person on Arizona’s death row.

The ones that are 100% guilty should be put down. Why wait?