Let’s first start by defining what a misdemeanor is. Generally, misdemeanors are less severe charges unlike felonies, but harsher than infractions. Those who are charged with this are usually penalized with monetary fines. Criminal defense attorneys in the Memphis area are capable in understanding both sides of the spectrum, the crime you did or did not commit, and how it can affect your employment opportunities.


Some crimes that are classified as a misdemeanor include:

  • petty theft
  • public intoxication
  • simple assault
  • disruptive conduct
  • trespassing
  • vandalism
  • reckless driving
  • discharging a firearm within city limits
  • possession of cannabis

Luckily for you, there are many opportunities as far as employment goes for someone who has a misdemeanor charge on their record. That does not mean you will necessarily be granted the positon, however, majority of the time the minor crime committed can be overlooked if it has a reasonable explanation as to why it took place. Keep in mind that you must possess the appropriate qualities for the position, and your crime should not be something of concern for the job at hand.

Depending on the crime, the state you live in, and how many misdemeanors you already have on your record, you may be eligible for it be expunged, which means its almost as if the crime never existed-almost. If you decide to search for employment in a public service career, you do in fact have to admit to the crime committed, even if it was expunged.

Here are some public positions that will require you to provide documentation and explanations as to why the crime was committed:

  • A teacher, or other child care worker in the presence of children
  • Police officer or correctional officer
  • Post office employee
  • Health care worker
  • City employee

If are unsure whether or not you qualify to have your charge removed from your record, you can seek legal assistance with our criminal defense lawyers in Memphis who will gladly provide you with information and advice on your personal charge. Don’t let a crime you committed years ago hold you back from pursuing your dream career.

If you were wrongfully accused of a crime and need assistance in taking this matter to litigation in order to apply for a position, let a professionally skilled attorney in criminal defense take on your case and aid in your ability to possess the pubic position you desire.

Not only are our attorneys here to help proceed with litigation, but we can give you the legal advice you may need in a complex situation. You may feel that your minor crime does not place you under the category of being a “criminal,” however, in the eyes of the law, you actually are. Employers do not always understand your perspective and can view you as a possible threat to the company based on your charge (s). Take our advice, speak with a Memphis criminal defense legal representative to begin your journey to successfully obtaining a public career you aim to have.