When a person receives a sentence from the judge after facing criminal charges, it can be highly unnerving, and many believe that they have no choice but to go forward with whatever is decided for them.

This, however, is not true. In many cases, a person can get the help of a legal representative to help them appeal the sentence made by the judge. A lawyer who specializes in criminal cases can give a person an estimate of how realistic the appeal process is and what charges and penalties a person can expect to have lifted if the appeal is successful.

Every individual brought to court is given a specific timeframe after their sentencing to appeal the decision made by the court. The focus of any appeal is to prove that there was some sort of error made by the court that resulted in them making a wrong decision. This error may have occurred during the pre-trial, trial, or sentencing proceedings. The error must have resulted in the judge making a ruling that does not meet state and federal law.

To ensure that a proper criminal appeal is carried out and accepted, a full analysis of the legal proceedings must be conducted. A trained attorney who is familiar with the law can help a person through the appeal process to ensure that no mistakes are made and to maximize one’s chances of having their appeal heard.

Common issues that may work in a person’s favor and make their appeal valid include:

  • The judge issued an inappropriate search warrant
  • A prior motion was denied by the court
  • The court refused to excuse jurors that had a reason to be prejudiced against the person

If a person wants the court to modify or reduce their sentence, then they should carry out the appeal process through the help of a criminal defense attorney. A legal professional can guide a person through the appeal process with their expertise and relevant education.

Criminal charges should never be taken lightly and anyone who has received criminal sentencing in court should make sure they take the proper steps to try to reduce their penalties by as much as possible.

Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer in Fort Meyers, Florida

When a person finds themselves in court due to criminal charges, they should make sure they hire the right lawyer to help them with their case. Individuals always have the option of working with a public lawyer and though this is more affordable, it is not advisable. A private lawyer is a much better option as they have a lot more time to dedicate to a person’s case.

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