The right criminal defense team can make the difference between jail time and freedom

Do you watch TV? You do? Great. Chances are, some of the most popular shows on TV are reality-based, many of which are cop shows or law enforcement-related. Typically, these shows are rife with cops seemingly arresting people for any number of crimes, but in reality, the buck doesn’t stop there. Officers, unlike judges or magistrates, operate with a more limited form of guilt. If you’re someone in need of criminal defense in Cocoa, FL, take comfort in the fact that just because you’re arrested, it doesn’t mean you’re going to see prison or jail. This is where having a solid criminal defense is key. In order to understand how this is crucial, you have to understand how law enforcement officers make arrests in the first place. By doing so, you’ll be more equipped to seek out a great legal team that can make the best case for you in court.


Probable Cause Versus Beyond A Reasonable Doubt


When officers make arrests, they have to have probable cause. This is a word that’s thrown around a lot, and in reality, the actual definition for it is very loose in a denotative sense. A common way of defining probable cause is that it’s a fair probability that a crime was committed. For example, if you’re caught with marijuana in your pocket, it’s a fair probability to assume that you willfully and knowingly possessed the narcotic. Sometimes, just having it in a reachable and controllable position is the minimum criterion to define possession. For law enforcement officers, probable cause is enough for them to make an arrest and take you to jail. When you’re arrested, a document called a probable cause affidavit will be placed in a filing packet, along with the original report the officer wrote documenting the incident in which you were arrested. If the state attorney decides to prosecute, they will deem that there is enough of a case to pursue trial. However, when it gets to trial, it’s not entirely over for you. That is where the prosecution will have to prove that there is no reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Too often, a poor criminal defense essentially concedes the charges you were arrested on, but by having a good criminal defense in Cocoa, FL, you’ll ensure that you’re going to have a better shot at not seeing prison time.


What To Look For In Good Criminal Defense


Now that you have a better understanding of how you were arrested in the first place, you have to understand what a good criminal defense will look like to know you’re making the right decision as far as representation goes. Good criminal defenders will understand that the majority of evidence used to convict people is largely circumstantial. By knowing that, they’ll be able to show that there are other reasonable reasons why you may have been in the situation in which you were in Be sure to look for someone that has experience defending whatever case you were arrested on. Crimes like burglary and battery rely on many times on proving intent. If your criminal defense can make your case that there was no criminal intent, it totally exonerates you from being confined on those charges.


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